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I started to do the tables for more famous people but it got really depressing and morbid and I had to go outside. Hat guy wins again.
Title text: I started to do the tables for more famous people but it got really depressing and morbid and I had to go outside. Hat guy wins again.

[edit] Explanation

Once again, Black Hat is provoked into on-line retaliation bordering on the sociopathic, choosing a form of retribution that doesn't necessarily break any written rules but strikes directly at the heart and/or mind of his opponent. Cueball reflects that he doesn't wish to become the target of such ire himself, but (without apparent malice on Black Hat's part) still suffers from a piece of memetic shrapnel from the original attack.

In the title text, it is said how Black Hat's offensive is so effective that he appears to have caused grief even to his own author and creator.

Randall has used this idea again in 893: 65 Years, and published a 'morbid' program that uses actuarial tables to calculate the probability that someone will die within a given time. The offence which provoked Black hat was returned to in 1258: First.

[edit] Transcript

[A dialog between Cueball, seated at a computer terminal, and Black Hat, seated in an armchair reading a book. They are facing away from each other.]
Cueball: I know you shouldn't feed the trolls, but sometimes they just provoke me to where I can't help replying.
Black Hat: Yeah, me too. Yesterday this guy kept spamming "First!", so I got a set of actuarial tables and spent twenty minutes telling him when all his childhood heroes would likely die.
[Cueball turns around in his chair.]
Cueball: ...
Cueball: Remind me never to upset you, ever.
Black Hat: 2038: Last of the original Star Wars cast dies.
Cueball: Augh!
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I have no time for searching right now, but I'm sure there is a graph comic related to this sentence: "2038: Last of the original Star Wars cast dies." BTW: please create only pages with an proper explanation. --Dgbrt (talk) 16:45, 6 June 2013 (UTC)

While I'm not the guy/gal who created the page, I thought I'd supply a short explanation, to be refined as necessary. BTW, the linkies at the bottom suggest that this is a "Comic with colour", but I only see monochrome. Is this a human error, or is it an automated response to the supplied image (while being black on white, or maybe greyscale) 'officially' having a colour palette or something in its header? 23:35, 6 June 2013 (UTC)
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