Elaine Roberts

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Elaine Roberts

Elaine Roberts seen in 1337: Part 3
First appearance 342: 1337: Part 2
Known appearances 5

Elaine Roberts is the world's best hacker. She is the oldest daughter of Mrs. Roberts, and has a younger brother nicknamed Little Bobby Tables. She was mentored by Donald Knuth in his mountain hideaway for four years until she bested him. She has broken in to NSA headquarters with the help of Adrian Lamo. She helped Steve Jobs develop a vision of the future Apple, as well as having fought MPAA and RIAA ninja.

According to trivia in title text of 342: 1337: Part 2, "Elaine" is actually her middle name. Her actual "first" name is "Help I'm trapped in a driver's license factory" as stated in the title text of 327: Exploits of a Mom.

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