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Hi. So, my author bio: I spend time on xkcd reading, commenting and editing. I just use the random page generator to move around and edit pages. I have a comment alias, Klyxm, the shortened form of my username, QATEKLYXM (pronounced cataclysm) which makes it easier for others to spell.

I also own a copy of Randall Munroe's "What If", as well as "Thing Explainer". Been reading since 460. I first found this site at around 1800, and started editing at 1850. My talk page is for if you would like to ask me questions, and I will accept suggestions to change my userpage. Right now I need to make summary edits a habit (I keep forgetting).


-I ramble quite often, one of my examples was in the "Code Golf" description, which was (thankfully) edited out. The large paragraph can still be seen.

-I have only one recorded case of being charged with unsigned work, by the Comment Police. I have resolved this problem, and I don't plan to encounter them again!

My major edits:

1963: Namespace Land Rush, the transcript

THIS WEEK'S TOPIC: Should I make a table for site visits? What size should the table increments be? Comment on my talk page!

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