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Connie: Your absolutely right, that's Brad Dourif.  He pleyad Gredma Wormtongue in The Two Towers, and Saavedro in Myst III.-Trekluver: It's good that it answered all your questions, that's what the books were released for.  I haven't read BotA, or BotT recently, but I remember that they were really great books.  And that's coming from somebody who has had every author I ever start reading eventually ending up on a best authors list.  It was funny, I just picked these authors, loved them, and 5 of them end up on a best fantasy authors of all time list( don't remember by who).  Robert Jordan, Stephen Donaldson, Tolken, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and.. (hmm, I can't remeber the other name).If you like the kind of epic tales in the Myst books, or if you like Fantasy in general, Those authors are a MUST read.  Would also reccomend Jim Butcher, Brandon Sanderson, Orson Scott Card, and Simon Green.I read a lot of books (typically at least two a month) and I can tell you that these authors are extremely talented./end rant
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