1190: Time/Translator

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Here's a list of all the blurry text from the translator, both with the original image and enhanced contrast.

A note about grammar:

  • The punctuation appears to be borrowed from the translator's native language.
  • The ring diacritic indicates a question mark.
  • A single line above a letter is a full stop.
  • A double line above a letter is an exclamation mark (or probably a comma).

This might help in determining the native language a bit better.

Original Enhanced contrast Text Notes/corrections
translator-1.png translator-contrast-1.png


translator-2.png translator-contrast-2.png

"Whence have you traveled here"

translator-3.png translator-contrast-3.png

"You arose here from the desert below? Nobody [unclear-1] there"

Unclear-1: Survives?

Notice that synonyms and extra phrases are often lighter, in the background. For instance in large, light letters of the background here, "to this fortress" is pretty clear, and above "desert" is the word "sand." The word "lives" (or some other short word ending in "ves") seems to be behind unclear-1, so "respires" might be likely as the blurred word.

translator-4.png translator-contrast-4.png

"I am sorry. Your language is like those spoken by the [unclear-1] difficult [unclear-2] but I learned it."

Unclear-1: ???

Unclear-2: ???

translator-5.png translator-contrast-5.png

"Please be patient/have patience"

translator-6.png translator-contrast-6.png

"They understand nothing[,] so they will tend to matters."

translator-7.png translator-contrast-7.png

"Your bags"

translator-8.png translator-contrast-8.png

"They are heavy."

translator-9.png translator-contrast-9.png

"(You're) welcome"

translator-10.png translator-contrast-10.png

"Tell me where your home is."

translator-11.png translator-contrast-11.png

"What river?"

translator-12.png translator-contrast-12.png

"How many people strong are you?"

translator-13.png translator-contrast-13.png

"[unclear-1] forty? All my numbers are too small.

"Yes! Good."

Unclear-1: "What is forty?"/"How much is forty?"/"What means forty?" possibly

translator-14.png translator-contrast-14.png

"Do you carry these people with you?"

Possibly meaning, "Did you bring any of those people with you?"

translator-15.png translator-contrast-15.png

"Oh." [both times]

translator-16.png translator-contrast-16.png

"You do not know. [Unclear-1]"

Unclear-1: unclear but starts with "I"

translator-17.png translator-contrast-17.png

"Your sea does not stand alone, there is another sea [Unclear-1] beyond the shore. It has become [Unclear-2] to yours [Unclear-3] levels differ and thus water flows"

Unclear-1: "next to it"?

Unclear-2: "tied"

Unclear-3: "because the"/"but their"


"In time even the hills change. When people first [Unclear-1] and first built [Unclear-2] cities the seas were joined. But there was a great [Unclear-3] and the passage was closed. Your sea [Unclear-4] with too few rivers. Under the sun it shrank and the water fell. Now the sea has found a way back in."

Unclear-1: "walked" or "talked"?

"Do you know where you are?"

"I will build you a map to understanding."

"The fortress is here." - "This sea is yours." - "This sea is joining yours."

"And this is our belief about the sea's new shore."

"We learned it has happened before. When our r[Unclear-1]ts were le[Unclear-2]ng to walk upr[Unclear-3]t, the sea [Unclear-4]d and returned."

Unclear-1: "parents" with vertical overlay "forefathers"/rabbits?

Unclear-2: learning?

Unclear-3: upright?

Unclear-4: fled?

"N[Unclear-1]t is H[Unclear-2]ing again."

Unclear-1: Now it?

Unclear-2: happening?


"This Castle/Fortress [Unclear-1] once [Unclear-2] island. We found it and have tried to rebuild it."

Unclear-1: was?

Unclear-2: an?

"[Unclear-1] I imagine/suppose/[Unclear-2] it will be an island again."

Unclear-1: Now?

Unclear-2: guess?

"We are learners/teachers/scholars. This fortress [Unclear-1] with [Unclear-2] and I am their teacher/leader."

Unclear-1: shares?

Unclear-2: teachers/scholars/learners?

"I am so sorry."

"When we discovered the sea was [Unclear-1] under the bank we tried to shore it up. We failed. We tried to remove everybody from the basin, but we did not know of your [Unclear-2]."

Unclear-1: flowing/rising?

Unclear-2: tribe/group?


"[Unclear-1] the water flows, it widens the breach. The [Unclear-2] is giving way. The sea will rush through in a G[Unclear-3]ent. The planets mightiest river will once again come thundering down the mountainside. The sea will fill - not in years - but in days."

Unclear-1: No or As?

Unclear-2: serm or perm or berm?

Unclear-3: gushing torrent? great torrent?

"The journey to your land is much too long. [Unclear-1] not send[Unclear-2] only [Unclear-3] see[Unclear-4] encircled and drowned by the rising/rushing tide/water."

Unclear-1: I will?

Unclear-2: you (back/away)?

Unclear-3: to?

Unclear-4: [your]friends/group?

"The world you know is ending. But fortune/fate has delivered you from the flood. You [Unclear-2] not intend to [Unclear-3]ve your home forever, but be thankful/grateful you left when you did."

Unclear-1: delivered?

Unclear-2: did?

Unclear-3: leave or love or serve?

"You must say your goodbyes from here. You cannot go back/return down into the abyss. For you have walked too far and now there is no more time to walk. The ocean/sea is coming/here."