122: Quirky Girls

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Quirky Girls
Romantic comedy heroines, I'm talking to you.
Title text: Romantic comedy heroines, I'm talking to you.


This is a fairly classic play on what people say they want isn't always what they mean they want. As per the comic this is particularly true when it comes to the generalisation of wanting someone "different". When the girl opens up to the guy and say how she is "different". She is met with a stereotypical, but more accurate response of the guys definition of "different".


[Man and woman talking, looking at a group of 2 men and a woman standing further away. The woman is on a table and the 2 men are looking at her ]
Man: I love that girl. She's not afraid to be quirky and different.
Woman: You know, I'm active in street theatre and I collect and paint Asian dolls.
Man: ...Okay, I didn't actually mean be different. I just want silly and entertaining on command now and then.

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I'll just leave this link to ManicPixieDreamGirl here: [1] 12:47, 19 July 2015 (UTC)