289: Alone

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Worries assuaged, the numbers become less important than your touches.
Title text: Worries assuaged, the numbers become less important than your touches.


Cueball is making love with Megan but, like many highly intuitive people, his attention is split between his inner and outer worlds. Part of his mind is counting her touches, and another part is wondering why his brain does these things, automatically and without his wanting it to. This worries him, and makes him feel guilty because he isn't giving her his undivided attention, which he believes she deserves.

As he unwillingly counts her touches, he recognized the Fibonacci sequence. This recognition shocks him: it's like she knows what is going on in his head, and secretly sent him this signal to tell him that it's okay, she understands. Awestruck, he is reassured, and glories in her love.

The title text makes this clear, he is able to stop worrying about the counting, and he is able to let it continue just in the background. It doesn't stop, but it isn't nearly that important or salient as the touching done by Megan.


[Megan crawling on bed toward Cueball.]
Cueball: It's not something you can turn off.
[Cueball pulling Megan, bedspread, and pillow off of bed onto floor.]
Cueball: A part of me is always detached. Abstracting, looking at numbers and patterns.
[Megan on top of Cueball, both under bedspread, on floor. Megan looks to be 'touching' Cueball.]
Cueball: When we should be closest, part of me is still alone. Counting the touches of her fingertips. Touch. Touch. Touch touch. Touch touch touch. Touch touch touch touch touch.
[Same scene as third panel.]
Cueball: Wait. Is that... That's the Fibonacci Sequence! Whatever I did to deserve you, it couldn't have been enough.

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