307: Excessive Quotation

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Excessive Quotation
Unfortunately for her, real Star Wars fans are attracted to a gal with a good force choke.
Title text: Unfortunately for her, real Star Wars fans are attracted to a gal with a good force choke.

[edit] Explanation

Megan just wants to have a normal conversation about the moon, but Cueball replies with a quote from Star Wars, when Ben Kenobi said, "That's no moon, that's a space station." Megan cuts him off in the manner of another Star Wars character, villain Darth Vader, and showing a glimmer of the character's abilities, proceeds to choke him with "The Force" while modifying another phrase from the same film. (The original quotation was, "I find your lack of faith disturbing.")

There is humor in Megan's hypocrisy, however. Although she is disturbed by Cueball's unoriginal dialogue, she is fine with doing it herself.

Star Wars fans are a weird bunch, however, and the title text states that if a male Star Wars fan met a girl who could do this in real life, it'd only serve to turn him on even more.

[edit] Transcript

[Outside, under a crescent moon.]
Megan: It's strange to stare at the moon and think about people walking on it.
Cueball: That's no moon, it's a—gack
[She holds him up in the air by his neck à la Darth Vader using the force.]
Megan: I find your lack of original conversation disturbing.
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