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And the journal is filled with all the things I'd say to her if I were nice like you. I burn it when it's full.
Title text: And the journal is filled with all the things I'd say to her if I were nice like you. I burn it when it's full.

[edit] Explanation

Black Hat isn't the type of person to keep a journal, so Cueball is understandably surprised when he sees Black Hat's journal. Black Hat lives up to our expectations of him, as it turns out that the journal is just part of a plot to hurt innocents. The title-text implies that he really does use his journal to record his private, whistful thoughts and that he may be more than just a sociopath.

If you want to see how well the plan worked, check out 377: Journal 2

The whole "Journal" story are:

[edit] Transcript

[Cueball picks up book from a table.]
Cueball: Since when do you keep a journal?
[Black Hat leans over from computer to answer.]
Black Hat: Oh, I pretend to write in it on the train, and wait for a shy-looking girl to sit across from me.
[Scene change to a train. Black Hat is sitting across from a girl.]
Black Hat: I glance up and wait for her to make eye contact, then look down bashfully and, if I can, blush.
[Scene back to original room with Cueball and Black Hat.]
Black Hat: Then, when I see her start to smile at me, I roll my eyes and hit her with a quick glare, then resume writing. The alienation stays with her all day. It's great.
[Black Hat is back to typing on the computer.]
Cueball: You're sickening. This is why we can't have nice people.
Black Hat: I can't help it. It's like shooting lonely, angsty fish in a barrel.
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It seems to me that panel four is referencing the "This is why we can't have nice things" meme.-- 13:23, 14 November 2012 (UTC)
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