403: Convincing Pickup Line

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Convincing Pickup Line
Check it out; I've had sex with someone who's had sex with someone who's written a paper with Paul Erdős!
Title text: Check it out; I've had sex with someone who's had sex with someone who's written a paper with Paul Erdős!


A graph is a mathematical object consisting of nodes connected by lines called edges. The nodes could represent for example people, and the edges could represent a connection from having slept together. Now, Megan has such a graph. Arguably, a graph that is symmetric is nicer than a regular one, why Megan suggests that they should sleep together.

Title text

This is a small-world joke on the concept of Erdős number. Paul Erdős was a Hungarian mathematician renowned for his eccentricity and productivity. He holds the world record for the number of published math papers, as well as for the number of collaborative papers. A persons Erdős number is the "collaborative distance" between the person and Erdős. Paul Erdős Erdős number is 0 by definition. All his 511 collaborators have the Erdős number 1. If you have written a paper with someone who's written a paper with someone who's ritten a paper with Paul Erdős your Erdős number is 3. If you know a mathematician or are a matematician you can calculate your Erdős number here.


[Cueball and Megan sit at a small table in a cafe. Megan holds up a graph.]
Megan: We're a terrible match. But if we sleep together, it'll make the local hookup network a symmetric graph.
Cueball: I can't argue with that.

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I'm more intrigued by the Erdős–Bacon number, where Natalie Portman and Carl Sagan both have a six (5+1 and 4+2 respectively). Hogtree Octovish (talk) 06:47, 16 February 2013 (UTC)

Wikipedia and erdosbaconsabbath.com say that Natalie Portman's EB is 7, not six. (Bacon 2, not 1.) Still awesome. gijobarts (talk) 03:36, 2 March 2016 (UTC)