43: Red Spiders 2

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Red Spiders 2
This was actually drawn years before Red Spiders
Title text: This was actually drawn years before Red Spiders


The full series of Red spiders:


[Red spiders, with round appendages at the end of each of their six legs, are seen navigating an environment of blocks and other geometric constructions]


  • Original quote from Randall: "And lo, they still have six legs."
  • Original comment from Randall: "This is the original that inspired the other one. It's my favorite of the two."
  • This is the fortieth comic posted to livejournal. The previous was 38: Apple Jacks. The next was 39: Bowl

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Do we have sources for the quotes from Randal? gijobarts (talk) 03:28, 29 January 2013 (UTC)

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