481: Listen to Yourself

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Listen to Yourself
Man, I just wanted to know how babby was formed.
Title text: Man, I just wanted to know how babby was formed.


YouTube is a website for video sharing where anyone can upload and view videos. It is notorious for having some of the most ridiculous, hateful, mean-spirited, nonsensical comments of any mainstream website (a reputation touched upon earlier in 202: YouTube).

Danish tells Black Hat that her computer virus reads a YouTube user's comments back to them before it is submitted. Upon hearing their own ridiculous comments read aloud to them, they will realize the stupidity of it and not submit the comment. YouTube later made this a real feature, although it has since been removed again.

The title text is in reference to a post left on the Yahoo! Answers website in 2006 by a submitter known as “kavya,” who asks “how is babby formed / how girl get pragnent.” The post picked up internet popularity and spawned several flash animations.


[Black Hat approaches Danish tying at a computer.]
Black Hat: What are you writing?
Danish: Virus.
Black Hat: What's it do?
Danish: When someone tries to post a YouTube comment, it first reads it aloud back to them.
Soon everywhere:
[Cueball is commenting on YouTube.]
type type type
[Youtube comment is read back.]
Cueball: ...I'm a moron.
[Cueball leaves desk.]
[Cueball is seen sitting on steps, depressed.]
[Cueball has head in hands.]
Cueball: I... I didn't know.

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Anyone out there skilled in the art of making viruses? 03:38, 25 July 2014 (UTC)

I admit that I would welcome this virus in order to weed out spelling and grammatical errors, and to make sure the sentences flow properly (when commenting on Youtube my words can become rather salad-y. -Pennpenn 01:04, 15 January 2015 (UTC)

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