50: Penny Arcade

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Penny Arcade
Of course, Penny Arcade has already mocked themselves for this. They don't care.
Title text: Of course, Penny Arcade has already mocked themselves for this. They don't care.


Penny Arcade is a popular web comic that focuses on the video game culture. The character above is Tycho, one of the two main characters of Penny Arcade. Penny Arcade has a reputation for making obscure references to video games without explaining, expecting the reader to be as well-versed in gaming culture as they are. Hence, the attitude shown in this comic.

As the title text admits, they know of this reputation, don't care, and even refer to it in their own comic.

'Seiken Densetsu' as mentioned in the strip probably refers to Seiken Densetsu 3, an Action-RPG released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in Japan in 1995. The game was never released in the North American region or officially translated to English. However, many North American game players may recognize Seiken Densetsu 2, the predecessor in the series, by its North American name: Secret of Mana.


  • The original comment by Randall was "I'm actually pretty fond of Penny Arcade, when I get the jokes."
  • This is the forty-seventh comic originally posted to livejournal. The previous comic was 49: Want, the next is 54: Science.


Tycho: You know what? If you've never played the 1995 SNES RPG 'Seiken Densetsu' don't even _bother_ reading today's strip. We don't _need_ your kind here.

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