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Marshmallow Gun
Except in reality crossing a stream of marshmallows would create a giant Bill Murray.
Title text: Except in reality crossing a stream of marshmallows would create a giant Bill Murray.


Cueball decides to shoot marshmallows at Megan, who promptly silences him by using a super soaker (first seen in 220: Philosophy). The next day, everyone shoots marshmallows at each other in the office. Someone realizes the "streams" of marshmallows are about to cross, and shouts a warning, but they cross anyway, which results in a giant Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man appearing. Both of these are references to the movie, GhostBusters, in which crossing the ghost-capturing streams was "bad" and in which an ancient spirit took the form of a giant Marshmallow Man (though this did not happen in the movie as a result of crossing the streams). The Stay-Puft man sees what they are shooting and is justifiably upset, which Megan realizes is "bad."

The title text is a further GhostBusters reference, as Bill Murray was one of the stars of that movie. The text puts forward the idea that if you were to fire marshmallows and cross the streams, the inverse would happen and an enormous Bill Murray would appear.


I got this gun that shoots marshmallows.
[Cueball removes a marshmallow gun from a box.]
[Cueball shoots at Megan with marshmallow gun from offpanel.]
[Megan facepalms.]
Megan: Sigh.
[Megan removes a super soaker from desk drawer.]
[Megan shoots offscreen on Cueball with super soaker.]
Cueball (offscreen): AUGH!
Cueball (offscreen): Man, I forgot that was there.
[The next day, everyone else got them too.]
[Megan and Beret Guy brandish marshmallow guns.]
Megan: Hey, noob! Eat Stay-Puft®!
[Megan shoots a marshmallow gun.]
[Cueball shoots a marshmallow gun.]
[Megan and Cueball shoot marshmallows into the air, crossing the streams of fire.]
Beret Guy (offscreen): No! Don't cross the—
[Megan, Cueball, and Beret Guy are all standing with weapons pointed at the ground.]
Megan: Okay, this is bad.
Offscreen: You're shooting what?

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Not wanting to be picky, but there's loads of logic problems (loads more than suspended by standard disbelief, that is) with crossing marshmallow beams and getting... whoever/whatever it is in giant form. Proton beams (possibly, the original film is vague and inconsistent in its technobabble), when crossed, destroyed the marshmallow man. So marshmallow beams should perhaps be applicable in somehow despelling Giant Protons Man, or something similar. Just saying. 13:25, 28 May 2013 (UTC)

Oh don't be shy. You totally wanted to be picky. If you didn't you wouldn't have pointed that out. You're just guilty about it, which is silly. -Pennpenn 06:28, 5 June 2015 (UTC)

Maybe *you* should be writing this comic instead of Randall

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