539: Boyfriend

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...okay, but because you said that, we're breaking up.
Title text: ...okay, but because you said that, we're breaking up.


In statistics, statistical significance is used to measure how well a set of data demonstrates a particular hypothesis or statement. The term significant other is used to refer to a person's intimate relation, typically a spouse or a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Megan asserts her claim that Cueball is her boyfriend by presenting the time that he had spend with people in the form of a box plot, with her data point lying far ahead of the rest of the chart. Cueball accepts her claim, to which she responds with a pun on the word "significant," combining the phrases "statistically significant" and "significant other" in a so bad pun that in the title text, Cueball breaks up with her.


[Megan is on the phone.]
Megan: Can my boyfriend come along?
Cueball: I'm not your boyfriend!
Megan: You totally are.
Cueball: I'm casually dating a number of people.
[Megan points to a chart.]
Megan: But you spend twice as much time with me as with anyone else. I'm a clear outlier.
Cueball: Your math is irrefutable.
Megan: Face it—I'm your statistically significant other.

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