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:Happy valentine's day.
:Happy valentine's day.
*This actually the only positive [[:Category:Valentines|valentine's comic]] from Randall.
{{comic discussion}}
{{comic discussion}}
[[Category:Comics with color]]
[[Category:Comics with color]]

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Sierpinski Valentine
Especially you mouseover text readers. You're the best. <3
Title text: Especially you mouseover text readers. You're the best. <3


A Valentine's Day card from Randall to the xkcd readers. It is written inside a parody of the Sierpinski Triangle, a Sierpinski Valentine.

A Sierpinski triangle.

The Sierpinski Triangle is a fractal pattern made of triangles, covering a space. The way it works is to draw a triangle and draw another (upside down) one in the middle. Choose the upper, left and right triangle and repeat the process. Another valentine in the shape of a heart is 63: Valentine - Heart.

The <3 in the title text is an emoticon for a heart and goes out to those of his readers that read the title text. Those who read the title text are usually more devoted to know that such a thing exists.

Another relevant comic to the Sierpinski Triangle is 95: The Sierpinski Penis Game.


[Shows an adaptation of the Sierpinski triangle fractal, using hearts instead of triangles.]
Happy valentine's day.

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