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:Voice: Yes, why?
:Voice: Yes, why?
:Cueball: Well, preiod = T = 1/f.
:Cueball: Well, period = T = 1/f.
:Voice: So?
:Voice: So?
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{{comic discussion}}  
{{comic discussion}}  
[[Category:Comics featuring Cueball]]
[[Category:Comics featuring Cueball]]

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413 nanohertz, by the way.
Title text: 413 nanohertz, by the way.


A woman's menstrual cycle, also called her period, is a process marked by a few days of abdominal cramps occurring roughly once a month.

"Period" is also the term in mathematics to refer to the rate at which something happens - for example, a full moon happens about once every 29.5 days, so its period is 29.5 days. By taking the inverse of this, we can get a different measurement, its frequency - the number of times an event happens within a given length of time. This is usually measured in hertz (pronounced the same as "hurts"), which is the number of times something happens in a second.

The off-screen girl has her period every 28 days (her period has a period of 28 days, if you will). Since we can calculate the frequency based on the period, we can, indeed, calculate her "uterus-hertz" (or her "uterus hurts").

Yes, this has all been a setup to a terrible pun.

413 nanohertz is the correct frequency of an event with a period of 28 days, as shown here by Google Calculator.


Voice: Ugh. Stupid uterus.
Cueball: Hey, your period is every 28 days, right?
Voice: Yes, why?
Cueball: Well, period = T = 1/f.
Voice: So?
Cueball: Using this, we can calculate something you already know.
Voice: What?
Cueball: Your uterus-hertz.
Voice: If I could get up I'd smack you.

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...And angular velocity: 1.97 mHz 23:29, 14 December 2014 (UTC) This just makes me sad for Homestuck. ----

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