605: Extrapolating

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By the third trimester, there will be hundreds of babies inside you.
Title text: By the third trimester, there will be hundreds of babies inside you.


This comic is a joke on the use of linear extrapolation. By connecting two points without any context, we can come up with incredibly funny results. Here, connecting the number of spouses against yesterday and today can result in a linear extrapolation to hundreds of spouses a year! Using similar points for pregnancy (yesterday: no babies, today: one), we can get 200+ children inside a single person by the 7th month of pregnancy.

This is another comic in the infrequent My Hobby series.


My Hobby: Extrapolating
[There is a graph. Time runs along the horizontal axis; Number of Husbands on the vertical graph. Yesterday and today are labeled in time, 0 and 1 in number of husbands. Points are plotted with 0 at yesterday, 1 at today. A straight line is fitted through them.]
[A man is holding a pointer to the graph, and looking at a woman wearing a dress and veil.]
Man: As you can see, by late next month you'll have over four dozen husbands.
Man: Better get a bulk rate on wedding cake.
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