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I mean, seriously, NOWHERE? For starters, there are like a thousand species of dinosaur.
Title text: I mean, seriously, NOWHERE? For starters, there are like a thousand species of dinosaur.
Comparison of three species of Apatosaurus and a human: A. ajax (Orange), A. louisae (Red), and B. parvus (green)

[edit] Explanation

This is a sarcastic comic poking fun at romanticism.

The phrase used by Cueball in the first panel hints at the romantic, suggesting that they are so happy together that there is nowhere else anywhere that they would rather be in. Megan wonders if this is her viewpoint, and imagines herself riding a dinosaur suggesting that she would rather be doing just that. This, and the title text are saying that the likelihood that out of all the possibilities in the universe, the chances that the one single place you would most want to be is just sitting with your significant other is fairly low.

Megan previously rode an Apatosaurus in 15: Just Alerting You. An Apatosaurus also appears in 460: Paleontology and 636: Brontosaurus.

[edit] Transcript

Cueball: There's nowhere
Cueball: I'd rather be
Cueball: than with you
Cueball: here
Cueball: right now.
[Megan is imagining herself riding an apatosaurus.]

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....and she doesn't even save a spot for him. Tsk, Megan. Tsk. ~vB

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