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(expanded arena png to include diodes for thunderdome reference)
(Explanation: Restore some of the intro, magic smoke wording fix, euler's number?, to scale alternate. I think Incomplete is still valid because there are probably a number of jokes left to explain (which is why I put it there...))
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Another fine example of [[356|nerd sniping]]. Explanations for each below!
Another fine example of [[356|nerd sniping]].
There are pieces of circuit diagrams, road maps, chemical diagrams, and other things all mixed in.
Explanations for each below!
{| class="wikitable" |
{| class="wikitable" |
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{{circuit-diagram-part|X=482|Y=47|W=28|H=44|image=circuit_diagram-482-047-028-044-variable-resister.png|text=A variable resister with center tap. Normally, there would be an arrowhead on the cetern tap.}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=482|Y=47|W=28|H=44|image=circuit_diagram-482-047-028-044-variable-resister.png|text=A variable resister with center tap. Normally, there would be an arrowhead on the cetern tap.}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=507|Y=53|W=22|H=27|image=circuit_diagram-507-053-022-027-capacitor.png|text=A normal capacitor.}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=507|Y=53|W=22|H=27|image=circuit_diagram-507-053-022-027-capacitor.png|text=A normal capacitor.}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=577|Y=318|W=96|H=62|image=circuit_diagram-577-318-096-062-magic.png|text=smoke "{{w|Magic Smoke}}" is the legendary stuff inside a chip that comes out when it fails.}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=577|Y=318|W=96|H=62|image=circuit_diagram-577-318-096-062-magic.png|text="{{w|Magic Smoke}}" is the legendary stuff inside a chip that comes out when it fails.}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=669|Y=315|W=51|H=66|image=circuit_diagram-669-315-051-066-frayed-wires.png|text=Some frayed or dangling wires.}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=669|Y=315|W=51|H=66|image=circuit_diagram-669-315-051-066-frayed-wires.png|text=Some frayed or dangling wires.}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=567|Y=392|W=58|H=48|image=circuit_diagram-567-392-058-048-buoy.png|text=This appears to be a float used in fishing}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=567|Y=392|W=58|H=48|image=circuit_diagram-567-392-058-048-buoy.png|text=This appears to be a float used in fishing}}
Line 50: Line 52:
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=266|Y=307|W=35|H=41|image=circuit_diagram-266-307-035-041-resistor.png|text=A normal resistor.}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=266|Y=307|W=35|H=41|image=circuit_diagram-266-307-035-041-resistor.png|text=A normal resistor.}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=222|Y=358|W=34|H=29|image=circuit_diagram-222-358-034-029-capacitor.png|text=A normal capacitor.}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=222|Y=358|W=34|H=29|image=circuit_diagram-222-358-034-029-capacitor.png|text=A normal capacitor.}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=130|Y=335|W=44|H=40|image=circuit_diagram-130-335-044-040-resistor.png|text=A normal resistor, labeled "ë",}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=130|Y=335|W=44|H=40|image=circuit_diagram-130-335-044-040-resistor.png|text=A normal resistor, labeled "ë", This may be a play on {{w|Euler's_Number}}, which doesn't normally have an umlaut. }}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=65|Y=249|W=61|H=92|image=circuit_diagram-065-249-061-092-blender.png|text=This appears to be a blender.}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=65|Y=249|W=61|H=92|image=circuit_diagram-065-249-061-092-blender.png|text=This appears to be a blender.}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=20|Y=342|W=115|H=73|image=circuit_diagram-020-342-115-073-arduino.png|text=An {{w|arduino}}, labeled "Arduino, just for blog cred."}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=20|Y=342|W=115|H=73|image=circuit_diagram-020-342-115-073-arduino.png|text=An {{w|arduino}}, labeled "Arduino, just for blog cred."}}
Line 84: Line 86:
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=256|Y=619|W=29|H=39|image=circuit_diagram-256-619-029-039-ground.png|text=A ground connection}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=256|Y=619|W=29|H=39|image=circuit_diagram-256-619-029-039-ground.png|text=A ground connection}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=589|Y=600|W=58|H=46|image=circuit_diagram-589-600-058-046-vibrator.png|text=A vibrator, which would be a motor with an off-center weight attached to it.}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=589|Y=600|W=58|H=46|image=circuit_diagram-589-600-058-046-vibrator.png|text=A vibrator, which would be a motor with an off-center weight attached to it.}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=532|Y=779|W=74|H=52|image=circuit_diagram-532-779-074-052-motor.png|text=A motor, labeled "To Scale".  This indicates that the physical size and shape of the motor must match the size of the parts around it. }}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=532|Y=779|W=74|H=52|image=circuit_diagram-532-779-074-052-motor.png|text=A motor, labeled "To Scale".  This indicates that the physical size and shape of the motor must match the size of the parts around it, or is consistent with the specified scale of the drawing. }}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=662|Y=822|W=73|H=109|image=circuit_diagram-662-822-073-109-holy-ground.png|text=A ground connection, in a beaker labeled "{{w|Holy Water}}".}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=662|Y=822|W=73|H=109|image=circuit_diagram-662-822-073-109-holy-ground.png|text=A ground connection, in a beaker labeled "{{w|Holy Water}}".}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=197|Y=740|W=48|H=55|image=circuit_diagram-197-740-048-055-speed.png|text=A speed limit 55 MPH sign.}}
{{circuit-diagram-part|X=197|Y=740|W=48|H=55|image=circuit_diagram-197-740-048-055-speed.png|text=A speed limit 55 MPH sign.}}

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Circuit Diagram
I just caught myself idly trying to work out what that resistor mass would actually be, and realized I had self-nerd-sniped.
Title text: I just caught myself idly trying to work out what that resistor mass would actually be, and realized I had self-nerd-sniped.


Ambox notice.png This explanation may be incomplete or incorrect:
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If you can address this issue, please edit the page! Thanks.

Another fine example of nerd sniping. There are pieces of circuit diagrams, road maps, chemical diagrams, and other things all mixed in. Explanations for each below!

Image Fragment Image Location Description
circuit diagram-019-025-106-037-scale.png 106x37 @ 19,25 A map scale.
circuit diagram-015-062-040-085-antenna.png 40x85 @ 15,62 An antenna. Typical of radio receivers or transmitters.
circuit diagram-053-060-041-087-inductor.png 41x87 @ 53,60 A coil or inductor. Normal, but unlabeled.
circuit diagram-107-086-085-093-cloverleaf.png 85x93 @ 107,86 A feature of road networks that does not belong in a circuit diagram.
circuit diagram-184-012-087-063-battery.png 87x63 @ 184,12 A battery. The voltage of square root of two is strange, but getting about 1.41412... volts is not unheard of.
circuit diagram-187-110-094-071-resister.png 94x71 @ 187,110 A 120 ohm resister is normal enough. "Or to taste" is odd.
circuit diagram-283-050-090-063-switch.png 90x63 @ 283,50 A normal switch, with a notation to glue it open. Reminiscent of the MAGIC/MORE MAGIC switch.
circuit diagram-337-101-069-064-transisitor.png 69x64 @ 337,101 A bipolar PNP transistor, except that it has two emitters and no collector.
circuit diagram-052-141-079-107-compass-points.png 79x107 @ 52,141 Compass points. A map feature, not a circuit feature.
circuit diagram-415-018-063-058-resister.png 63x58 @ 415,18 A normal resistor, labeled with color code. Brown-Blue-Orange would be 16000 ohms.
circuit diagram-517-014-042-032-diode.png 42x32 @ 517,14 A normal diode.
circuit diagram-615-055-073-074-666timer.png 73x74 @ 615,55 A chip. The normal timer is a "555". "666" would be the number of the beast.
circuit diagram-632-138-069-041-bat.png 69x41 @ 632,138 A batman logo.
circuit diagram-650-211-075-071-squirrel.png 75x71 @ 650,211 A squirrel. What it does as a circuit element is unsure.
circuit diagram-606-165-054-053-inductor.png 54x53 @ 606,165 A coil or inductor, labeled as an 11 kilogram mass.
circuit diagram-538-209-099-059-generator.png 99x59 @ 538,209 A 240 volt AC generator (or other power source).
circuit diagram-483-186-111-103-shorted-generator.png 111x103 @ 483,186 A shorting wire around a generator. The label reads "Omit this if you're a wimp." If this wire is included, it will quickly melt -- or worse.
circuit diagram-419-078-057-075-scarab-beetles.png 57x75 @ 419,78 A jar of scarab beetles.
circuit diagram-482-047-028-044-variable-resister.png 28x44 @ 482,47 A variable resister with center tap. Normally, there would be an arrowhead on the cetern tap.
circuit diagram-507-053-022-027-capacitor.png 22x27 @ 507,53 A normal capacitor.
circuit diagram-577-318-096-062-magic.png 96x62 @ 577,318 "Magic Smoke" is the legendary stuff inside a chip that comes out when it fails.
circuit diagram-669-315-051-066-frayed-wires.png 51x66 @ 669,315 Some frayed or dangling wires.
circuit diagram-567-392-058-048-buoy.png 58x48 @ 567,392 This appears to be a float used in fishing
circuit diagram-458-336-111-086-moral-rectifier.png 111x86 @ 458,336 A bridge rectifier, which would normally turn alternating current at the top and bottom into direct current on the left and right. In this case, it is labeled as a "moral rectifier".
circuit diagram-423-259-080-085-warm-front.png 80x85 @ 423,259 A weather map feature.
circuit diagram-190-199-054-052-battery.png 54x52 @ 190,199 A normal 50 volt battery.
circuit diagram-173-200-089-056-shorted-battery.png 89x56 @ 173,200 A battery is grounded on both sides. Something will melt or burn out quickly, unless these are seperate "earth ground"s, in which case the ground might get a bit cooked.
circuit diagram-259-198-174-025-pull-wire.png 174x25 @ 259,198 Text reads "Pull this wire really tight". This kind of physical property issue may indicate a high frequency radio device.
circuit diagram-141-211-041-091-3-8-inch.png 41x91 @ 141,211 A specified 3/8 inch separation. This probably indicates a carefully controlled capacitance issue.
circuit diagram-173-309-092-059-eel.png 92x59 @ 173,309 An electric eel. This may be an effective power source in the circuit.
circuit diagram-266-307-035-041-resistor.png 35x41 @ 266,307 A normal resistor.
circuit diagram-222-358-034-029-capacitor.png 34x29 @ 222,358 A normal capacitor.
circuit diagram-130-335-044-040-resistor.png 44x40 @ 130,335 A normal resistor, labeled "ë", This may be a play on Euler's_Number, which doesn't normally have an umlaut.
circuit diagram-065-249-061-092-blender.png 61x92 @ 65,249 This appears to be a blender.
circuit diagram-020-342-115-073-arduino.png 115x73 @ 20,342 An arduino, labeled "Arduino, just for blog cred."
circuit diagram-039-423-118-082-meca.png 118x82 @ 39,423 A chip labeled "Most expensive chip available". The small curve at the top is a part of the packaging designed to show its orientation.
circuit diagram-159-428-091-050-neck-strap.png 91x50 @ 159,428 Labeled "Neck Strap". Perhaps a piece of torture equipment?
circuit diagram-147-480-110-088-switch.png 110x88 @ 147,480 A switch labeled "Hire someone to open and close switch real fast."
circuit diagram-273-498-061-064-resistor.png 61x64 @ 273,498 A 5 ohm resistor labeled "(decoy)". One end is not attached to anything.
circuit diagram-307-453-103-056-tongue.png 103x56 @ 307,453 A pair of contacts, labeled "Touch Tongue Here".
circuit diagram-301-270-045-045-frown.png 45x45 @ 301,270 A frowny-face.
circuit diagram-294-311-128-124-IC.png 128x124 @ 294,311 A small integrated circuit. The lower gate is an inverter, wired as a free-running oscillator. The upper gate is an XOR wired to act as either a free-running oscillator or a latch. Since the XOR will be slower than the inverter, the overall output of the upper gate is probably very chaotic. Two "input" wires are not connected at all. An additional wire is hot glue'ed to the top. This last wire probably acts to control static and leakage.
circuit diagram-302-235-091-025-curve.png 91x25 @ 302,235 A caution sign at a curve. Another road feature in the circuit.
circuit diagram-401-455-067-068-CH3.png 67x68 @ 401,455 A methyl group (chemistry) attached to a corner. If the circuit where an organic chemical, it would be reasonable to find a number of these.
circuit diagram-453-167-043-093-baloon.png 43x93 @ 453,167 A balloon, possibly blowing in a breeze.
circuit diagram-572-068-022-043-inductor.png 22x43 @ 572,68 A coil or inductor.
circuit diagram-508-096-042-020-inductor.png 42x20 @ 508,96 A coil or inductor.
circuit diagram-534-061-022-031-ground.png 22x31 @ 534,61 A ground connection.
circuit diagram-472-049-134-140-solderr-blob.png 134x140 @ 472,49 A solder blob covering a portion of the circuit. Normally, this would not be part of the circuit diagram, but a mistake in building the circuit.
circuit diagram-493-443-207-158-res-rats-nest.png 207x158 @ 493,443 A rats-nets of 1 ohm resisters. It is labeled "Oh, so you think you're such a whiz at EE201?" Calculating the effective resistance of this is what the title text refers to. It appears to works out to 0.93986 ohms.
File:circuit diagram-315-533-232-200-arena.png 232x200 @ 315,533 An arena, with a few bodies in it. Note the direction of the diodes, "two men enter, one man leaves"
File:circuit diagram-311-599-042-035-diode.png 42x35 @ 311,599 A diode
File:circuit diagram-512-604-037-026-diode.png 37x26 @ 512,604 A diode
File:circuit diagram-418-703-029-031-diode.png 29x31 @ 418,703 A diode
circuit diagram-569-653-047-051-resistor.png 47x51 @ 569,653 A "pi" ohm resistor.
circuit diagram-610-655-075-070-generator.png 75x70 @ 610,655 A 500 volt AC generator. The wiring to the right shorts out this generator.
circuit diagram-481-682-085-064-ground.png 85x64 @ 481,682 A ground connection, labeled "Bury deep, but not too deep". This type of ground connection is called an "earth ground".
circuit diagram-017-610-075-073-fishhook.png 75x73 @ 17,610 A ground connection at the end of a curve, looking like a fishhook.
circuit diagram-206-662-066-045-yarn.png 66x45 @ 206,662 A length of "wire" is labeled "yarn". This probably makes it a terrible conductor.
circuit diagram-102-590-093-088-fluxcapacitor.png 93x88 @ 102,590 The flux capacitor from Back to the Future
circuit diagram-138-685-054-024-I95.png 54x24 @ 138,685 A road sign for "I-95". Interstate 95 is the main north-south highway on the east coast of the United States, running from Maine to Florida.
circuit diagram-012-713-134-036-tothesun.png 134x36 @ 12,713 A connection labeled "To center of Sun". A 93 million mile circuit is rather large, but ...
circuit diagram-031-753-144-177-rats-nest.png 144x177 @ 31,753 A rats nets of wires. Everything winds up being connected.
circuit diagram-022-513-097-061-esf.png 97x61 @ 22,513 A label reading "Electrons Single File". If this happens, the resistance in this section of wire would be rather high.
circuit diagram-256-619-029-039-ground.png 29x39 @ 256,619 A ground connection
circuit diagram-589-600-058-046-vibrator.png 58x46 @ 589,600 A vibrator, which would be a motor with an off-center weight attached to it.
circuit diagram-532-779-074-052-motor.png 74x52 @ 532,779 A motor, labeled "To Scale". This indicates that the physical size and shape of the motor must match the size of the parts around it, or is consistent with the specified scale of the drawing.
circuit diagram-662-822-073-109-holy-ground.png 73x109 @ 662,822 A ground connection, in a beaker labeled "Holy Water".
circuit diagram-197-740-048-055-speed.png 48x55 @ 197,740 A speed limit 55 MPH sign.
circuit diagram-238-706-100-116-flipflop.png 100x116 @ 238,706 A pair of NOR gates wired as a SR (set-reset) flip-flop. The label reads "May use an actual sandal instead", which is a play on the meanings of the term "flip-flop".
circuit diagram-322-708-070-054-holdingpen.png 70x54 @ 322,708 Something that could be the side view of a fence, labeled "Holding Pen". There might be a small figure inside...
circuit diagram-339-777-042-049-knot.png 42x49 @ 339,777 A simple overhand knot.
circuit diagram-191-889-149-033-ecg.png 149x33 @ 191,889 This appears to be an Electrocardiograph trace.
circuit diagram-223-826-082-068-photodiode.png 82x68 @ 223,826 A photodiode, labeled "Tear Collector". A photodiode is a light sensing device.
circuit diagram-373-859-049-068-lamp.png 49x68 @ 373,859 A lamp.
circuit diagram-450-887-065-032-inductor.png 65x32 @ 450,887 A coil or inductor.
circuit diagram-537-847-120-072-inductor.png 120x72 @ 537,847 A coil or inductor, labeled ""Take off shirt while wiring this part. Ooh, yeah, I like that."
circuit diagram-504-860-034-041-resistor.png 34x41 @ 504,860 A resistor labeled "?". Presumably this means the resistance is unknown.
circuit diagram-459-828-055-038-resistor.png 55x38 @ 459,828 A resistor labeled "YES".
circuit diagram-389-774-058-053-resistor.png 58x53 @ 389,774 A resistor labeled "8mm".
circuit diagram-443-747-093-084-resistor.png 93x84 @ 443,747 A resistor labeled "Not a resistor; wire just does this". This may reflect the fact that any wire has a certain amount of resistance just by being a wire, or it may be that the wire is physically bent into a zig-zag shape.
circuit diagram-415-863-082-024-unsure.png 82x24 @ 415,863 A symbol similar to two electrolytic capacitors back to back, labeled "3 Liters".



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So, is the arena a new kind of comparator or something? Davidy22[talk] 13:28, 18 February 2013 (UTC)

11:13, 10 April 2013 (UTC)11:13, 10 April 2013 (UTC)Jh6p (talk) The 3 liter capacitor could also be a ball approximately 6 inches in diameter if the seams on the ball were similar to the seams on a basketball. Perhaps a volleyball?

"A squirrel. What it does as a circuit element is unsure."

Perhaps an allusion to a squirrel cage? Wwoods (talk) 18:51, 22 April 2013 (UTC)

The shape of the squirrel's tail reminds me of a hysteresis curve, although this is admittedly a bit of a stretch. —Scs (talk) 16:02, 17 November 2013 (UTC)

The 'to scale' motor would be about half a mile wide. Powering the rabbit on Gaia's vibrator (also included)? --StarChaser Tyger (talk) 08:40, 22 June 2013 (UTC)

I beg to differ on the flux capacitor thing, as cool as it sounds. Since it is right above the I-90 notation, it is more likely a fork in the road (notice the road stripes indicating that you can pass at any point in the fork). 02:15, 24 June 2013 (UTC)

Oh, I'm pretty sure it's a flux capacitor. Compare some of these images. Yes, there are several road references in this comic, but an electronic reference (especially to a fictional electronic component!) makes more sense. Also I've never seen a Y-shaped highway intersection that looked quite like that (and especially not on an interstate). —Scs (talk) 14:52, 17 November 2013 (UTC)

I have wasted 4 hours on the puzzle, and after wasting 9 pages of A5 paper, the resistance of that terrible resistor mess worked out to be exactly 25265/33783 ohm, or about 0.74786135 ohm. --KopaLeo 15:16, 27 June 2013 (UTC)

I think that the "fishing float" might actually be a picture of an ordinary push switch (similar to foot switches used on standard lamps). 16:12, 10 July 2013 (UTC)

Isn't the "YES" resistor a reference to the anecdote of how John Lennon and Yoko Ono met? That's what I thought when I saw it, but then, I kinda like The Beatles a bit. 12:27, 16 September 2013 (UTC)

I think the attempt to explain every single piece of the comic is rather silly. The humor largely draws from the absurdity of the diagram, and that can probably be summarized without going into detail about the possible references of each individual component. 03:22, 26 November 2013 (UTC)

I disagree. The joke works on multiple levels, both the absurdity of the circuit, and the smaller parts of which it is comprised. Hydroksyde (talk) 02:40, 21 April 2014 (UTC)

I concur with KopaLeo - I got the same answer for the resistance of the grid of resistors - about 0.748 when rounded. What a problem! --techdude 20:45, 1 January 2014 (UTC)

I feel like I should point out that putting a ground connection in holy water probably creates Holy Ground 11:36, 26 March 2014 (UTC)

To center of Sun could possibly be another map reference. 01:08, 19 November 2014 (UTC)

The 'moral rectifier' seems like it's built of diodes which prevent current flow to the left, which might mean it's making the current 'more right'? with right being a synonym for moral? 00:15, 17 December 2014 (UTC)

3L capacitor

The capacitor reminded me of a time I asked my dad why desktop PCs (the kind we could afford at the time were 200-500 W) couldn't have capacitors to protect them from 1-second or shorter power interruptions without the cost of a UPS. He said such a capacitor would have to be as wide and tall as a 2L pop bottle. (He didn't say how much it would weigh.) Promethean (talk) 04:38, 9 September 2014 (UTC)

Where did the claim that the EKG is atrial fibrillation come from? At best it it hard to tell without a time scale what the ventricular rate is, but there is no evidence of extra P waves between QRS complexes that I see. If the diagnosis is made based on the absence of P & T waves, keep in mind that some recording conditions make those (especially T) hard to see. In an Einthoven's triangle arrangement, they might not show up at all above the noise. If we had a time scale that let us calculate ventricular rate, we might be able to conclude supraventricular tachycardia, but I'm hesitant to make a strong claim that this is abnormal at all given that it's hand drawn and we have no scale.Djbrasier (talk) 21:07, 22 January 2015 (UTC)

Does this really belong in Category:Charts? I'm moving it to Category:Maps instead. gijobarts (talk) 21:38, 19 February 2015 (UTC)

Are we really explaining "vibrator" as "a motor with an off-center weight attached to it"? 06:51, 13 March 2015 (UTC)

I just spent 3 hours trying to work out the resistor nest. I was unsuccessful. Mikemk (talk) 05:32, 19 March 2015 (UTC)

I did an LTSpice simulation or the resistor mess. It looks like the 25265/33783 ohm answer above is correct. It drew 1.3371463 amps from a one volt source. (talk) (please sign your comments with ~~~~)

Based on Randall's promotion of international standards (such as ISO 8601), it seems odd that he's using the US zigzag symbol for a resistor, rather than the IEC rectangular one. Walale12 (talk) 21:37, 17 April 2015 (UTC)

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