751: Swimsuit Issue

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Swimsuit Issue
Parents: talk to your kids about popup blockers. Also, at some point, sex. But crucial fundamentals first!
Title text: Parents: talk to your kids about popup blockers. Also, at some point, sex. But crucial fundamentals first!


Sports Illustrated, while a sports magazine (from what the title implies), is infamous for its "Swimsuit Issue," a yearly issue that heavily features women wearing swimsuits (again, from what the title implies). There has been some controversy over how this issue objectifies women, yet we can all agree that this issue is not what you would want your kids reading.

However, the joke is on the father. Before he could stop the child from reading, the child had already exclaimed that he had seen hard-core pornography from the pop-up ads he has encountered, making the swimsuit issue tame by comparison. Unfortunately, this is a true fact (though the extent of how true this is depends on the sites you visit).

The title text has Randall suggest that pop-up blockers are far more important than "the birds and the bees", a stance that other people would find backward. There is some sense towards this approach, however. While "the birds and the bees" would have to wait until the child has developed sufficiently in order to get the proper effect, pop-up blockers are a more urgent need that would prevent a child from looking at inappropriate things before then. Pop-up blockers alone would not prevent everything, but they are a valuable asset nonetheless.


Boy: What's this?
Father: Oh! That's daddy's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue! It's not appropriate for—
Boy: Wow! They look just like the ladies who get double-penetrated in the popup ads! But with clothes on! Gosh!

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