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The Velociraptor is a genus of dinosaur which was popularized by its appearance in the Jurassic Park film series. In the films, Velociraptors are depicted as small (shorter than adult humans) bi-pedal scaled dinsaurs which frequently attacked and killed humans. They were one of the main antagonists in the films. The reference source used by the author of the original novel was somewhat outdated, and the dinosaurs as written and thereafter depicted in the film have some discrepencies with the size and appearance of the velociraptors. For example, Scientists have since discovered that velociraptors were likely feathered.

Jurassic Park may have been a relatively scary film for children, and the film appears to have had a strong impact on Randall Munroe. Velociraptors in particular, and the irrational fear of being attacked by them in the modern world, are subject of (or appear in) several strips of xkcd.

See also: Velociraptors at Wikipedia

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