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{{comicsrow|1189|2013-03-22|Voyager 1}}

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xkcd Title Redirects Image Date The Past (create) talk the_past.png 2013-03-27 Time (create) talk time.png 2013-03-25 Voyager 1 (create) talk voyager_1.png 2013-03-22 Bonding (create) talk bonding.png 2013-03-20 Aspect Ratio (create) talk aspect_ratio.png 2013-03-18 Bumblebees (create) talk bumblebees.png 2013-03-15 Ineffective Sorts (create) talk ineffective_sorts.png 2013-03-13 Circumference Formula (create) talk circumference_formula.png 2013-03-11 Rose Petals (create) talk rose_petals.png 2013-03-08 Rembrandt Photo (create) talk rembrandt_photo.png 2013-03-06 PGP (create) talk pgp.png 2013-03-04 Virus Venn Diagram (create) talk virus_venn_diagram.png 2013-03-01 ISO 8601 (create) talk iso_8601.png 2013-02-27 Pickup Artists (create) talk pickup_artists.png 2013-02-25 Time Robot (create) talk time_robot.png 2013-02-22 Those Not Present (create) talk those_not_present.png 2013-02-20 Moving Sidewalks (create) talk moving_sidewalks.png 2013-02-18 App (create) talk app.png 2013-02-15 Steroids (create) talk steroids.png 2013-02-13 Workflow (create) talk workflow.png 2013-02-11 Perl Problems (create) talk perl_problems.png 2013-02-08 Bridge (create) talk bridge.png 2013-02-06 Expedition (create) talk expedition.png 2013-02-04 tar (create) talk tar.png 2013-02-01 Star Trek into Darkness (create) talk star_trek_into_darkness.png 2013-01-30 Argument (create) talk argument.png 2013-01-28 Amazon (create) talk amazon.png 2013-01-25 Home Alone (create) talk home_alone.png 2013-01-23 Debugger (create) talk debugger.png 2013-01-21 Log Scale (create) talk log_scale.png 2013-01-18 Hand Sanitizer (create) talk hand_sanitizer.png 2013-01-16 Drop Those Pounds (create) talk drop_those_pounds.png 2013-01-14 Countdown (create) talk countdown.png 2013-01-11 Rubber Sheet (create) talk rubber_sheet.png 2013-01-09 Sick Day (create) talk sick_day.png 2013-01-07 Conditioning (create) talk conditioning.png 2013-01-04 Kolmogorov Directions (create) talk kolmogorov_directions.png 2013-01-02 Resolution (create) talk resolution.png 2012-12-31 Proof (create) talk proof.png 2012-12-28 Communion (create) talk communion.png 2012-12-26 Tests (create) talk tests.png 2012-12-24 Instagram (create) talk instagram.png 2012-12-21 Broomstick (create) talk broomstick.png 2012-12-19 Nothing to Offer (create) talk nothing_to_offer.png 2012-12-17 Evolving (create) talk evolving.png 2012-12-14 Honest (create) talk honest.png 2012-12-12 Sky Color (create) talk sky_color.png 2012-12-10 Tags (create) talk tags.png 2012-12-07 Location (create) talk location.png 2012-12-05 Coverage (create) talk coverage.png 2012-12-03 Two Years (create) talk two_years.png 2012-11-30 Calendar of Meaningful Dates (create) talk calendar_of_meaningful_dates.png 2012-11-28 Rubber and Glue (create) talk rubber_and_glue.png 2012-11-26 Heatmap (create) talk heatmap.png 2012-11-23 RTL (create) talk rtl.png 2012-11-21 Broken Mirror (create) talk broken_mirror.png 2012-11-19 Arachnoneurology (create) talk arachnoneurology.png 2012-11-16 Logic Boat (create) talk logic_boat.png 2012-11-14 Up Goer Five (create) talk up_goer_five.png 2012-11-12 Frequentists vs. Bayesians (create) talk frequentists_vs_bayesians.png 2012-11-09 Math (create) talk math.png 2012-11-07 Poll Watching (create) talk poll_watching.png 2012-11-05 Cell Number (create) talk cell_number.png 2012-11-02 Fifty Shades (create) talk fifty_shades.png 2012-10-31 Congress (create) talk congress.png 2012-10-29 Epsilon and Zeta (create) talk epsilon_and_zeta.png 2012-10-26 Objects In Mirror (create) talk objects_in_mirror.png 2012-10-24 Law of Drama (create) talk law_of_drama.png 2012-10-22 The Universal Label (create) talk the_universal_label.png 2012-10-19 Electoral Precedent (create) talk electoral_precedent.png 2012-10-17 Identity (create) talk identity.png 2012-10-15 Blurring the Line (create) talk blurring_the_line.png 2012-10-12 Undoing (create) talk undoing.png 2012-10-10 Microsoft (create) talk microsoft.png 2012-10-08 My Sky (create) talk my_sky.png 2012-10-05 Traffic Lights (create) talk traffic_lights.gif 2012-10-03 Sky (create) talk sky.png 2012-10-01 Metallurgy (create) talk metallurgy.png 2012-09-28 Killed in Action (create) talk killed_in_action.png 2012-09-26 Think Logically (create) talk think_logically.png 2012-09-24 Premiere (create) talk premiere.png 2012-09-21 Click and Drag (create) talk click_and_drag.png 2012-09-19 Refrigerator (create) talk refrigerator.png 2012-09-17 Cautionary Ghost (create) talk cautionary_ghost.png 2012-09-14 Sports Cheat Sheet (create) talk sports_cheat_sheet.png 2012-09-12 ADD (create) talk add.png 2012-09-10 License Plate (create) talk license_plate.png 2012-09-07 Feathers (create) talk feathers.png 2012-09-05 Nine (create) talk nine.png 2012-09-03 Fastest-Growing (create) talk fastest_growing.png 2012-08-31 Sketchiness (create) talk sketchiness.png 2012-08-27 Vows (create) talk vows.png 2012-08-27 Tuesdays (create) talk tuesdays.png 2012-08-24 Star Ratings (create) talk star_ratings.png 2012-08-22 A Hypochondriac's Nightmare (create) talk a_hypochondriacs_nightmare.png 2012-08-20 Clinically Studied Ingredient (create) talk clinically_studied_ingredient.png 2012-08-17 Crazy Straws (create) talk crazy_straws.png 2012-08-15 Interview (create) talk interview.png 2012-08-13 Forget (create) talk forget.png 2012-08-10 Michael Phelps (create) talk michael_phelps.png 2012-08-08 Curiosity (create) talk curiosity.png 2012-08-06 Formal Languages (create) talk formal_languages.png 2012-08-03 Internal Monologue (create) talk internal_monologue.png 2012-08-01 Five Years (create) talk five_years.png 2012-07-30 Cirith Ungol (create) talk cirith_ungol.png 2012-07-27 Eyelash Wish Log (create) talk eyelash_wish_log.png 2012-07-25 ContextBot (create) talk contextbot.png 2012-07-23 Server Problem (create) talk server_problem.png 2012-07-20 Writing Styles (create) talk writing_styles.png 2012-07-18 Geology (create) talk geology.png 2012-07-16 Argument Victory (create) talk argument_victory.png 2012-07-13 Visual Field (create) talk visual_field.png 2012-07-11 United Shapes (create) talk united_shapes.png 2012-07-09 Knights (create) talk knights.png 2012-07-06 Home Organization (create) talk home_organization.png 2012-07-04 Groundhog Day (create) talk groundhog_day.png 2012-07-02 Warning (create) talk warning.png 2012-06-29 Moon Landing (create) talk moon_landing.png 2012-06-27 Weekend (create) talk weekend.png 2012-06-25 Seventies (create) talk seventies.png 2012-06-22 Exoplanets (create) talk exoplanets.png 2012-06-20 Words for Small Sets (create) talk words_for_small_sets.png 2012-06-18 Alphabet (create) talk alphabet.png 2012-06-15 Swiftkey (create) talk swiftkey.png 2012-06-13 Pressures (create) talk pressures.png 2012-06-11 Laundry (create) talk laundry.png 2012-06-08 Shoes (create) talk shoes.png 2012-06-06 Front Door (create) talk front_door.png 2012-06-04 Kill Hitler (create) talk kill_hitler.png 2012-06-01 Budget News (create) talk budget_news.png 2012-05-30 EST (create) talk est.png 2012-05-28 Crowdsourcing (create) talk crowdsourcing.png 2012-05-25 Bel-Air (create) talk bel_air.png 2012-05-23 Old-Timers (create) talk old_timers.png 2012-05-21 Klout (create) talk klout.png 2012-05-18 Felidae (create) talk felidae.png 2012-05-16 Kickstarter (create) talk kickstarter.png 2012-05-14 The bacon (create) talk thebacon.png 2012-05-11 Ten Thousand (create) talk ten_thousand.png 2012-05-09 Every Major's Terrible (create) talk every_majors_terrible.png 2012-05-07 Visited (create) talk visited.png 2012-05-04 Forgot Algebra (create) talk forgot_algebra.png 2012-05-02 Bookshelf (create) talk bookshelf.png 2012-04-30 Emotion (create) talk emotion.png 2012-04-27 Approximations (create) talk approximations.png 2012-04-25 Skynet (create) talk skynet.png 2012-04-23 Constraints (create) talk constraints.png 2012-04-20 Romney Quiz (create) talk romney_quiz.png 2012-04-18 Ablogalypse (create) talk ablogalypse.png 2012-04-16 Never (create) talk never.png 2012-04-13 Whites of Their Eyes (create) talk whites_of_their_eyes.png 2012-04-11 Lakes and Oceans (create) talk lakes_and_oceans.png 2012-04-09 RuBisCO (create) talk rubisco.png 2012-04-06 Fountain (create) talk fountain.png 2012-04-04 Umwelt (create) talk umwelt.png 2012-04-01 Reviews (create) talk reviews.png 2012-03-30 Cadbury Eggs (create) talk cadbury_eggs.png 2012-03-28 Share Buttons (create) talk share_buttons.png 2012-03-26 Formal Logic (create) talk formal_logic.png 2012-03-23 Networking (create) talk networking.png 2012-03-21 s/keyboard/leopard/ (create) talk s_keyboard_leopard.png 2012-03-19 Keyed (create) talk keyed.png 2012-03-16 Drawing Stars (create) talk drawing_stars.png 2012-03-14 Communication (create) talk communication.png 2012-03-12 Pickup Artist (create) talk pickup_artist.png 2012-03-09 Compare and Contrast (create) talk compare_and_contrast.png 2012-03-07 Tumblr (create) talk tumblr.png 2012-03-05 Error Code (create) talk error_code.png 2012-03-02 Late-Night PBS (create) talk late_night_pbs.png 2012-02-29 So It Has Come To This (create) talk so_it_has_come_to_this.png 2012-02-27 Business Plan (create) talk business_plan.png 2012-02-24 Orion Nebula (create) talk orion_nebula.png 2012-02-22 First Post (create) talk first_post.png 2012-02-20 Good Cop, Dadaist Cop (create) talk good_cop_dadaist_cop.png 2012-02-17 Backward in Time (create) talk backward_in_time.png 2012-02-14 Valentine Dilemma (create) talk valentine_dilemma.png 2012-02-13 Kerning (create) talk kerning.png 2012-02-10 Car Problems (create) talk car_problems.png 2012-02-08 Wake Up Sheeple (create) talk wake_up_sheeple.png 2012-02-06 Wrong Superhero (create) talk wrong_superhero.png 2012-02-03 Baby Names (create) talk baby_names.png 2012-02-01 Etymology-Man (create) talk etymology_man.png 2012-01-30 Sigh (create) talk sigh.png 2012-01-27 Suckville (create) talk suckville.png 2012-01-25 Sustainable (create) talk sustainable.png 2012-01-23 Sloppier Than Fiction (create) talk sloppier_than_fiction.png 2012-01-20 SOPA (create) talk sopa.png 2012-01-18 Batman (create) talk batman.png 2012-01-16 Adam and Eve (create) talk adam_and_eve.png 2012-01-13 Game AIs (create) talk game_ais.png 2012-01-11 AAAAAA (create) talk aaaaaa.png 2012-01-09 1000 Comics (create) talk 1000_comics.png 2012-01-06 Cougars (create) talk cougars.png 2012-01-04 2012 (create) talk 2012.png 2012-01-02 Wait Wait (create) talk wait_wait.png 2011-12-30 Making Things Difficult (create) talk making_things_difficult.png 2011-12-28 Coinstar (create) talk coinstar.png 2011-12-26 Advent Calendar (create) talk advent_calendar.png 2011-12-23 Brand Identity (create) talk brand_identity.png 2011-12-21 Mnemonics (create) talk mnemonics.png 2011-12-19 Phantom Menace (create) talk phantom_menace.png 2011-12-16 Plastic Bags (create) talk plastic_bags.png 2011-12-14 Cryogenics (create) talk cryogenics.png 2011-12-12 Tradition (create) talk tradition.png 2011-12-09 Potential (create) talk potential.png 2011-12-07 Drinking Fountains (create) talk drinking_fountains.png 2011-12-05 Percentage Points (create) talk percentage_points.png 2011-12-02 Space Launch System (create) talk space_launch_system.png 2011-11-30 Privacy (create) talk privacy.png 2011-11-28 Set Theory (create) talk set_theory.png 2011-11-25 Porn Folder (create) talk porn_folder.png 2011-11-23 Money (create) talk money.png 2011-11-21 Wisdom of the Ancients (create) talk wisdom_of_the_ancients.png 2011-11-18 Citogenesis (create) talk citogenesis.png 2011-11-16 Map Projections (create) talk map_projections.png 2011-11-14 Sail (create) talk sail.png 2011-11-11 Occulting Telescope (create) talk occulting_telescope.png 2011-11-09 The General Problem (create) talk the_general_problem.png 2011-11-07 MTV Generation (create) talk mtv_generation.png 2011-11-04 November (create) talk november.png 2011-11-02 Alternative Literature (create) talk alternative_literature.png 2011-10-31 The Important Field (create) talk the_important_field.png 2011-10-28 Delta-P (create) talk delta_p.png 2011-10-26 Everything (create) talk everything.png 2011-10-24 Prairie (create) talk prairie.png 2011-10-21 Jet Fuel (create) talk jet_fuel.png 2011-10-19 Elements (create) talk elements.png 2011-10-17 Dorm Poster (create) talk dorm_poster.png 2011-10-14 X11 (create) talk x11.png 2011-10-12 The Corliss Resolution (create) talk the_corliss_resolution.png 2011-10-10 Eternal Flame (create) talk eternal_flame.gif 2011-10-06 Subliminal (create) talk subliminal.png 2011-10-05 Caroling (create) talk caroling.png 2011-10-03 Hotels (create) talk hotels.png 2011-09-30 Development (create) talk development.png 2011-09-28 Sharing (create) talk sharing.png 2011-09-26 Neutrinos (create) talk neutrinos.png 2011-09-23 Chin-Up Bar (create) talk chin_up_bar.png 2011-09-21 1 to 10 (create) talk 1_to_10.png 2011-09-19 Stud Finder (create) talk stud_finder.png 2011-09-16 Working (create) talk working.png 2011-09-14 Mystery Solved (create) talk mystery_solved.png 2011-09-12 File Transfer (create) talk file_transfer.png 2011-09-09 AI (create) talk ai.png 2011-09-07 Investing (create) talk investing.png 2011-09-05 Family Decals (create) talk family_decals.png 2011-09-02 I'm Sorry (create) talk im_sorry.png 2011-08-31 Hurricane Names (create) talk hurricane_names.png 2011-08-29 Empirical (create) talk empirical.png 2011-08-26 Juggling (create) talk juggling.png 2011-08-24 Depth Perception (create) talk depth_perception.png 2011-08-22 Oversight (create) talk oversight.png 2011-08-19 Arrow (create) talk arrow.png 2011-08-17 T-Cells (create) talk t_cells.png 2011-08-15 TornadoGuard (create) talk tornadoguard.png 2011-08-12 Password Strength (create) talk password_strength.png 2011-08-10 Missed Connections (create) talk missed_connections.png 2011-08-08 Mac/PC (create) talk mac_pc.png 2011-08-05 Tattoo (create) talk tattoo.png 2011-08-03 CIA (create) talk cia.png 2011-08-01 Lanes (create) talk lanes.png 2011-07-29 Days of the Week (create) talk days_of_the_week.png 2011-07-27 Speculation (create) talk speculation.png 2011-07-25 Mimic Octopus (create) talk mimic_octopus.png 2011-07-22 Standards (create) talk standards.png 2011-07-20 Time Vulture (create) talk time_vulture.png 2011-07-18 Cell Phones (create) talk cell_phones.png 2011-07-15 3D Printer (create) talk 3d_printer.png 2011-07-13 Strunk and White (create) talk strunk_and_white.png 2011-07-11 Fight Club (create) talk fight_club.png 2011-07-08 Delivery Notification (create) talk delivery_notification.png 2011-07-06 YouTube Parties (create) talk youtube_parties.png 2011-07-04 Tween Bromance (create) talk tween_bromance.png 2011-07-01 Google+ (create) talk googleplus.png 2011-06-29 Hofstadter (create) talk hofstadter.png 2011-06-27 Unpickable (create) talk unpickable.png 2011-06-24 Connoisseur (create) talk connoisseur.png 2011-06-22 Ice (create) talk ice.png 2011-06-20 Core (create) talk core.png 2011-06-17 Manual Override (create) talk manual_override.png 2011-06-15 Magic School Bus (create) talk magic_school_bus.png 2011-06-13 Permanence (create) talk permanence.png 2011-06-10 Worst-Case Shopping (create) talk worst_case_shopping.png 2011-06-08 The Cloud (create) talk the_cloud.png 2011-06-06 Ages (create) talk ages.png 2011-06-03 Advertising Discovery (create) talk citations.png 2011-06-01 Homeownership (create) talk homeownership.png 2011-05-30 Sports (create) talk sports.png 2011-05-27 Extended Mind (create) talk extended_mind.png 2011-05-25 Darmok and Jalad (create) talk darmok_and_jalad.png 2011-05-23 Temperature (create) talk temperature.png 2011-05-20 Religions (create) talk religions.png 2011-05-18 Number Line (create) talk number_line.png 2011-05-16 Chain of Command (create) talk chain_of_command.png 2011-05-13 Elevator Inspection (create) talk elevator_inspection.png 2011-05-11 Marie Curie (create) talk marie_curie.png 2011-05-09 Teaching Physics (create) talk teaching_physics.png 2011-05-06 Progeny (create) talk progeny.png 2011-05-04 65 Years (create) talk 65_years.png 2011-05-02 Null Hypothesis (create) talk null_hypothesis.png 2011-04-29 Movie Ages (create) talk movie_ages.png 2011-04-27 Etymology (create) talk etymology.png 2011-04-25 Turtles (create) talk turtles.png 2011-04-22 Heaven (create) talk heaven.png 2011-04-20 Future Timeline (create) talk future_timeline.png 2011-04-18 Craigslist Apartments (create) talk craigslist_apartments.png 2011-04-15 Recycling (create) talk recycling.png 2011-04-13 Rogers St. (create) talk rogers_st.png 2011-04-11 Pain Rating (create) talk pain_rating.png 2011-04-08 Significant (create) talk significant.png 2011-04-06 Probability (create) talk probability.png 2011-04-04 Headache (create) talk headache.png 2011-04-01 Lamp (create) talk lamp.png 2011-03-30 Model Rail (create) talk model_rail.png 2011-03-28 Beauty (create) talk beauty.png 2011-03-25 Trapped (create) talk trapped.png 2011-03-23 2009 Called (create) talk 2009_called.png 2011-03-21 Time Management (create) talk time_management.png 2011-03-18 FPS Mod (create) talk fps_mod.png 2011-03-16 Fairy Tales (create) talk fairy_tales.png 2011-03-14 Charity (create) talk charity.png 2011-03-11 Advertising (create) talk mathematically_annoying.png 2011-03-09 Server Attention Span (create) talk server_attention_span.png 2011-03-07 Nolan Chart (create) talk nolan_chart.png 2011-03-04 Herpetology (create) talk herpetology.png 2011-03-02 Compass and Straightedge (create) talk compass_and_straightedge.png 2011-02-28 Nanobots (create) talk nanobots.png 2011-02-25 Flying Cars (create) talk flying_cars.png 2011-02-23 Major in the Universe (create) talk major_in_the_universe.png 2011-02-21 Let Go (create) talk let_go.png 2011-02-18 Wisdom Teeth (create) talk wisdom_teeth.png 2011-02-16 Never Do This (create) talk never_do_this.png 2011-02-14 ( (create) talk (.png 2011-02-11 Milk (create) talk milk.png 2011-02-09 Archimedes (create) talk archimedes.png 2011-02-07 Trochee Fixation (create) talk trochee_fixation.png 2011-02-04 1999 (create) talk 1999.png 2011-02-02 Learning to Cook (create) talk learning_to_cook.png 2011-01-31 Consecutive Vowels (create) talk consecutive_vowels.png 2011-01-28 Local g (create) talk local_g.png 2011-01-26 Na (create) talk na.png 2011-01-24 World According to Americans (create) talk world_according_to_americans.png 2011-01-21 Complex Conjugate (create) talk complex_conjugate.png 2011-01-19 3D (create) talk 3d.png 2011-01-17 Stingray Nebula (create) talk stingray_nebula.png 2011-01-14 Dental Nerve (create) talk dental_nerve.png 2011-01-12 Modern History (create) talk modern_history.png 2011-01-10 Good Code (create) talk good_code.png 2011-01-07 Misconceptions (create) talk misconceptions.png 2011-01-05 Mark (create) talk mark.png 2011-01-03 Audiophiles (create) talk audiophiles.png 2010-12-31 Serious (create) talk serious.png 2010-12-29 Explorers (create) talk explorers.png 2010-12-27 Incident (create) talk incident.png 2010-12-24 Coupon Code (create) talk coupon_code.png 2010-12-22 Sickness (create) talk sickness.png 2010-12-20 Tree (create) talk tree.png 2010-12-17 Wikileaks (create) talk wikileaks.png 2010-12-15 Convincing (create) talk convincing.png 2010-12-13 Tic-Tac-Toe (create) talk tic_tac_toe.png 2010-12-10 Weather Radar (create) talk weather_radar.png 2010-12-08 Genetic Analysis (create) talk genetic_analysis.png 2010-12-06 Arsenic-Based Life (create) talk arsenic_based_life.png 2010-12-03 Positive Attitude (create) talk positive_attitude.png 2010-12-01 Business Idea (create) talk business_idea.png 2010-11-29 Guest Week: Zach Weiner (SMBC) (create) talk guest_week_zach_weiner_smbc.png 2010-11-26 Guest Week: Jeffrey Rowland (Overcompensating) (create) talk guest_week_jeffrey_rowland_overcompensating.png 2010-11-25 Guest Week: Bill Amend (FoxTrot) (create) talk guest_week_bill_amend_foxtrot.png 2010-11-24 Guest Week: David Troupes (Buttercup Festival) (create) talk guest_week_david_troupes_buttercup_festival.png 2010-11-23 Guest Week: Jeph Jacques (Questionable Content) (create) talk guest_week_jeph_jacques_questionable_content.png 2010-11-22 Five-Minute Comics: Part 3 (create) talk five_minute_comics_part_3.png 2010-11-19 Five-Minute Comics: Part 2 (create) talk five_minute_comics_part_2.png 2010-11-17 Five-Minute Comics: Part 1 (create) talk five_minute_comics_part_1.png 2010-11-15 Illness (create) talk illness.png 2010-11-12 Mutual (create) talk mutual.png 2010-11-10 Applied Math (create) talk applied_math.png 2010-11-08 Mu (create) talk mu.png 2010-11-05 Diode (create) talk diode.png 2010-11-03 One-Liners (create) talk one_liners.png 2010-11-01 Glass (create) talk glass.png 2010-10-29 Starlight (create) talk starlight.png 2010-10-27 Constructive (create) talk constructive.png 2010-10-25 Los Alamos (create) talk los_alamos.png 2010-10-22 The Economic Argument (create) talk the_economic_argument.png 2010-10-20 Connected (create) talk connected.png 2010-10-18 Tech Support (create) talk tech_support.png 2010-10-15 Paradise City (create) talk paradise_city.png 2010-10-13 Pumpkin Carving (create) talk pumpkin_carving.png 2010-10-11 Airfoil (create) talk airfoil.png 2010-10-08 Online Communities 2 (create) talk online_communities_2.png 2010-10-06 Golden Hammer (create) talk golden_hammer.png 2010-10-04 Beautiful Dream (create) talk beautiful_dream.png 2010-10-01 Stephen Hawking (create) talk stephen_hawking.png 2010-09-29 Adjectives (create) talk adjectives.png 2010-09-27 debian-main (create) talk debian_main.png 2010-09-24 Bad Ex (create) talk bad_ex.png 2010-09-22 Conditional Risk (create) talk conditional_risk.png 2010-09-20 Inside Joke (create) talk inside_joke.png 2010-09-17 Physicists (create) talk physicists.png 2010-09-15 Password Reuse (create) talk password_reuse.png 2010-09-13 Leaving (create) talk leaving.png 2010-09-10 Control (create) talk control.png 2010-09-08 Showdown (create) talk showdown.png 2010-09-06 The Carriage (create) talk the_carriage.png 2010-09-03 Orbiter (create) talk orbiter.png 2010-09-01 Exoplanets (create) talk exoplanets_2010.png 2010-08-30 Open Mic Night (create) talk open_mic_night.png 2010-08-27 Falling Asleep (create) talk falling_asleep.png 2010-08-25 I Don't Want Directions (create) talk i_dont_want_directions.png 2010-08-23 Desecration (create) talk desecration.png 2010-08-20 Ahead Stop (create) talk ahead_stop.png 2010-08-18 Sample (create) talk sample.png 2010-08-16 Anxiety (create) talk anxiety.png 2010-08-13 Scheduling (create) talk scheduling.png 2010-08-11 Pore Strips (create) talk pore_strips.png 2010-08-09 Still No Sleep (create) talk still_no_sleep.png 2010-08-06 Savannah Ancestry (create) talk savannah_ancestry.png 2010-08-04 Atheists (create) talk atheists.png 2010-08-02 University Website (create) talk university_website.png 2010-07-30 Frogger (create) talk frogger.png 2010-07-28 Period Speech (create) talk period_speech.png 2010-07-26 All the Girls (create) talk all_the_girls.png 2010-07-23 War (create) talk war.png 2010-07-21 1996 (create) talk 1996.png 2010-07-19 Temper (create) talk temper.png 2010-07-16 Green Flash (create) talk green_flash.png 2010-07-14 Dilution (create) talk dilution.png 2010-07-12 One Two (create) talk one_two.png 2010-07-09 Workaround (create) talk workaround.png 2010-07-07 Analogies (create) talk analogies.png 2010-07-05 DFS (create) talk dfs.png 2010-07-02 Moria (create) talk moria.png 2010-06-30 3x9 (create) talk 3x9.png 2010-06-28 Raptor Fences (create) talk raptor_fences.png 2010-06-25 Toot (create) talk toot.png 2010-06-23 Public Opinion (create) talk public_opinion.png 2010-06-21 Interdisciplinary (create) talk interdisciplinary.png 2010-06-18 Dependencies (create) talk dependencies.png 2010-06-16 Southern Half (create) talk southern_half.png 2010-06-14 Phobia (create) talk phobia.png 2010-06-11 Swimsuit Issue (create) talk swimsuit_issue.png 2010-06-09 Book Burning (create) talk book_burning.png 2010-06-07 Study (create) talk study.png 2010-06-04 Worst-Case Scenario (create) talk worst_case_scenario.png 2010-06-02 Geeks and Nerds (create) talk geeks_and_nerds.png 2010-05-31 Birth (create) talk birth.png 2010-05-28 Dyslexics (create) talk dyslexics.png 2010-05-26 Walkthrough (create) talk walkthrough.png 2010-05-24 Infrastructures (create) talk infrastructures.png 2010-05-21 Campfire (create) talk campfire.png 2010-05-19 Blogging (create) talk blogging.png 2010-05-17 The Tell-Tale Beat (create) talk the_tell_tale_beat.png 2010-05-14 Malamanteau (create) talk malamanteau.png 2010-05-12 Incision (create) talk incision.png 2010-05-10 Yogurt (create) talk yogurt.png 2010-05-07 Cemetery (create) talk cemetery.png 2010-05-05 Floor (create) talk floor.png 2010-05-03 Outbreak (create) talk outbreak.png 2010-04-30 Eagle (create) talk eagle.png 2010-04-28 HDTV (create) talk hdtv.png 2010-04-26 Desert Island (create) talk desert_island.png 2010-04-23 Circuit Diagram (create) talk circuit_diagram.png 2010-04-21 Laser Pointer (create) talk laser_pointer.png 2010-04-19 iPad (create) talk ipad.png 2010-04-16 Trade Expert (create) talk trade_expert.png 2010-04-14 Seat Selection (create) talk seat_selection.png 2010-04-12 Literally (create) talk literally.png 2010-04-09 Hell (create) talk hell.png 2010-04-07 Seismic Waves (create) talk seismic_waves.png 2010-04-05 Computer Problems (create) talk computer_problems.png 2010-04-02 Flatland (create) talk flatland.png 2010-03-31 Recipes (create) talk recipes.png 2010-03-29 Brain Worms (create) talk brain_worms.png 2010-03-26 The Flake Equation (create) talk the_flake_equation.png 2010-03-24 Furtive (create) talk furtive.png 2010-03-22 Time Machine (create) talk time_machine.png 2010-03-19 Numbers (create) talk numbers.png 2010-03-17 Porn For Women (create) talk porn_for_women.png 2010-03-15 GeoIP (create) talk geoip.png 2010-03-12 Single Ladies (create) talk single_ladies.png 2010-03-10 Seismograph (create) talk seismograph.png 2010-03-08 Collatz Conjecture (create) talk collatz_conjecture.png 2010-03-05 I Am (create) talk i_am.png 2010-03-03 Sex Dice (create) talk sex_dice.png 2010-03-01 Joshing (create) talk joshing.png 2010-02-26 Freedom (create) talk freedom.png 2010-02-24 Devotion to Duty (create) talk devotion_to_duty.png 2010-02-22 Principle of Explosion (create) talk principle_of_explosion.png 2010-02-19 Honor Societies (create) talk honor_societies.png 2010-02-17 Snow Tracking (create) talk snow_tracking.png 2010-02-15 Science Valentine (create) talk science_valentine.png 2010-02-12 Complexion (create) talk complexion.png 2010-02-10 Trimester (create) talk trimester.png 2010-02-08 You Hang Up First (create) talk you_hang_up_first.png 2010-02-05 Tensile vs. Shear Strength (create) talk tensile_vs_shear_strength.png 2010-02-03 Strip Games (create) talk strip_games.png 2010-02-01 Spirit (create) talk spirit.png 2010-01-29 Retro Virus (create) talk retro_virus.png 2010-01-27 Children's Fantasy (create) talk childrens_fantasy.png 2010-01-25 Dirty Harry (create) talk dirty_harry.png 2010-01-22 MicroSD (create) talk microsd.png 2010-01-20 Semicontrolled Demolition (create) talk semicontrolled_demolition.png 2010-01-18 FIRST Design (create) talk first_design.png 2010-01-15 Self-Description (create) talk self_description.png 2010-01-13 Dimensional Analysis (create) talk dimensional_analysis.png 2010-01-11 Admin Mourning (create) talk admin_mourning.png 2010-01-08 G-Spot (create) talk g-spot.png 2010-01-06 We Get It (create) talk we_get_it.png 2010-01-04 Science Montage (create) talk science_montage.png 2010-01-01 Force (create) talk force.png 2009-12-30 Gravity Wells (create) talk gravity_wells.png 2009-12-28 December 25th (create) talk december_25th.png 2009-12-25 Christmas Plans (create) talk christmas_plans.png 2009-12-23 Researcher Translation (create) talk researcher_translation.png 2009-12-21 Asshole (create) talk asshole.png 2009-12-18 Abstraction (create) talk abstraction.png 2009-12-16 Revolutionary (create) talk revolutionary.png 2009-12-14 Natural Parenting (create) talk natural_parenting.png 2009-12-11 The Sun (create) talk the_sun.png 2009-12-09 Suggestions (create) talk suggestions.png 2009-12-07 Stephen and Me (create) talk stephen_and_me.png 2009-12-04 Spinal Tap Amps (create) talk spinal_tap_amps.png 2009-12-02 Experiment (create) talk experiment.png 2009-11-30 Pandora (create) talk pandora.png 2009-11-27 SkiFree (create) talk skifree.png 2009-11-25 Silent Hammer (create) talk silent_hammer.png 2009-11-23 Prudence (create) talk prudence.png 2009-11-20 Academia vs. Business (create) talk academia_vs_business.png 2009-11-18 Sagan-Man (create) talk sagan-man.png 2009-11-16 iPhone or Droid (create) talk iphone_or_droid.png 2009-11-13 Two-Party System (create) talk two_party_system.png 2009-11-11 Sympathy (create) talk sympathy.png 2009-11-09 Lego (create) talk lego.png 2009-11-06 Orbitals (create) talk orbitals.png 2009-11-04 Movie Narrative Charts (create) talk movie_narrative_charts.png 2009-11-02 October 30th (create) talk october_30th.png 2009-10-30 Climbing (create) talk climbing.png 2009-10-28 Nachos (create) talk nachos.png 2009-10-26 So Bad It's Worse (create) talk so_bad_its_worse.png 2009-10-23 More Accurate (create) talk more_accurate.png 2009-10-21 Bag Check (create) talk bag_check.png 2009-10-19 Nowhere (create) talk nowhere.png 2009-10-16 Static (create) talk static.png 2009-10-14 Fall Foliage (create) talk fall_foliage.png 2009-10-12 Scary (create) talk scary.png 2009-10-09 Conversations (create) talk conversations.png 2009-10-07 RPS (create) talk rps.png 2009-10-05 Surgery (create) talk surgery.png 2009-10-02 Ohm (create) talk ohm.png 2009-09-30 Creepy (create) talk creepy.png 2009-09-28 Free (create) talk free.png 2009-09-25 Tornado Hunter (create) talk tornado_hunter.png 2009-09-23 Lincoln-Douglas (create) talk lincoln_douglas.png 2009-09-21 The Search (create) talk the_search.png 2009-09-18 Scribblenauts (create) talk scribblenauts.png 2009-09-16 Brontosaurus (create) talk brontosaurus.png 2009-09-14 Locke and Demosthenes (create) talk locke_and_demosthenes.png 2009-09-10 Date (create) talk date.png 2009-09-09 Blockbuster Mining (create) talk blockbuster_mining.png 2009-09-07 Suspicion (create) talk suspicion.png 2009-09-04 Anatomy Text (create) talk anatomy_text.png 2009-09-02 Time Travel (create) talk time_travel.png 2009-08-31 Skins (create) talk skins.png 2009-08-28 Psychic (create) talk psychic.png 2009-08-26 Tech Support Cheat Sheet (create) talk tech_support_cheat_sheet.png 2009-08-24 Newton and Leibniz (create) talk newton_and_leibniz.png 2009-08-21 Collections (create) talk collections.png 2009-08-19 Branding (create) talk branding.png 2009-08-17 Oregon (create) talk oregon.png 2009-08-14 Haiku Proof (create) talk haiku_proof.png 2009-08-12 Superlative (create) talk superlative.png 2009-08-10 Wings (create) talk wings.png 2009-08-07 Supported Features (create) talk supported_features.png 2009-08-05 Asteroid (create) talk asteroid.png 2009-08-03 Understocked (create) talk understocked.png 2009-07-31 Lease (create) talk lease.png 2009-07-29 Avoidance (create) talk avoidance.png 2009-07-27 Woodpecker (create) talk woodpecker.png 2009-07-24 Threesome (create) talk threesome.png 2009-07-22 Estimation (create) talk estimation.png 2009-07-20 Disaster Voyeurism (create) talk disaster_voyeurism.png 2009-07-17 Sheeple (create) talk sheeple.png 2009-07-15 Tab Explosion (create) talk tab_explosion.png 2009-07-13 Form (create) talk form.png 2009-07-10 2038 (create) talk 2038.png 2009-07-08 Cutting Edge (create) talk cutting_edge.png 2009-07-06 Extrapolating (create) talk extrapolating.png 2009-07-03 Qwertial Aphasia (create) talk qwertial_aphasia.png 2009-07-01 Idiocracy (create) talk idiocracy.png 2009-06-29 Overstimulated (create) talk overstimulated.png 2009-06-26 Game Theory (create) talk game_theory.png 2009-06-24 Android Boyfriend (create) talk android_boyfriend.png 2009-06-22 Apocalypse (create) talk apocalypse.png 2009-06-19 Porn (create) talk porn.png 2009-06-17 Addiction (create) talk addiction.png 2009-06-15 Latitude (create) talk latitude.png 2009-06-12 Android Girlfriend (create) talk android_girlfriend.png 2009-06-10 Period (create) talk period.png 2009-06-08 Voynich Manuscript (create) talk voynich_manuscript.png 2009-06-05 Drama (create) talk drama.png 2009-06-03 Troll Slayer (create) talk troll_slayer.png 2009-06-01 Papyrus (create) talk papyrus.png 2009-05-29 Designated Drivers (create) talk designated_drivers.png 2009-05-27 Pep Rally (create) talk pep_rally.png 2009-05-25 Crime Scene (create) talk crime_scene.png 2009-05-22 Mission to Culture (create) talk mission_to_culture.png 2009-05-20 Outreach (create) talk outreach.png 2009-05-18 Unsatisfied (create) talk unsatisfied.png 2009-05-15 CNR (create) talk cnr.png 2009-05-13 Brakes (create) talk brakes.png 2009-05-11 The Race: Part 5 (create) talk the_race_part_5.png 2009-05-08 The Race: Part 4 (create) talk the_race_part_4.png 2009-05-07 The Race: Part 3 (create) talk the_race_part_3.png 2009-05-06 The Race: Part 2 (create) talk the_race_part_2.png 2009-05-05 The Race: Part 1 (create) talk the_race_part_1.png 2009-05-04 Packages (create) talk packages.png 2009-05-01 Tag Combination (create) talk tag_combination.png 2009-04-29 Swine Flu (create) talk swine_flu.png 2009-04-27 Parental Trolling (create) talk parental_trolling.png 2009-04-24 Together (create) talk together.png 2009-04-22 Can't Sleep (create) talk cant_sleep.png 2009-04-20 New Car (create) talk new_car.png 2009-04-17 Borders (create) talk borders.png 2009-04-15 Well 2 (create) talk well_2.png 2009-04-13 Urgent Mission (create) talk urgent_mission.png 2009-04-10 Matrix Revisited (create) talk matrix_revisited.png 2009-04-08 Security Question (create) talk security_question.png 2009-04-06 Crossbows (create) talk crossbows.png 2009-04-03 Fermirotica (create) talk fermirotica.png 2009-04-01 Parking (create) talk parking.png 2009-03-30 Well (create) talk well.png 2009-03-27 Lithium Batteries (create) talk lithium_batteries.png 2009-03-25 No Pun Intended (create) talk no_pun_intended.png 2009-03-23 1000 Times (create) talk 1000_times.png 2009-03-20 Students (create) talk students.png 2009-03-18 Alternative Energy Revolution (create) talk alternative_energy_revolution.jpg 2009-03-16 Two Mirrors (create) talk two_mirrors.png 2009-03-13 Not Enough Work (create) talk not_enough_work.png 2009-03-11 Pirate Bay (create) talk pirate_bay.png 2009-03-09 Correlation (create) talk correlation.png 2009-03-06 Etch-a-Sketch (create) talk etch-a-sketch.png 2009-03-04 Density (create) talk density.png 2009-03-02 Westley's a Dick (create) talk westleys_a_dick.png 2009-02-27 Kindle (create) talk kindle.png 2009-02-25 Simple (create) talk simple.png 2009-02-23 Music DRM (create) talk music_drm.png 2009-02-20 Neutrality Schmeutrality (create) talk neutrality_schmeutrality.png 2009-02-18 Pep Talk (create) talk pep_talk.png 2009-02-16 Sierpinski Valentine (create) talk sierpinski_valentine.png 2009-02-13 Cover-Up (create) talk cover_up.png 2009-02-11 TED Talk (create) talk ted_talk.png 2009-02-09 Base System (create) talk base_system.png 2009-02-06 Boyfriend (create) talk boyfriend.png 2009-02-04 Security (create) talk security.png 2009-02-02 Ducklings (create) talk ducklings.png 2009-01-30 Space Elevators (create) talk space_elevators.png 2009-01-28 It Might Be Cool (create) talk it_might_be_cool.png 2009-01-26 Genetic Algorithms (create) talk genetic_algorithms.png 2009-01-23 Laptop Hell (create) talk laptop_hell.png 2009-01-21 Piano (create) talk piano.png 2009-01-19 Contingency Plan (create) talk contingency_plan.png 2009-01-16 I'm An Idiot (create) talk im_an_idiot.png 2009-01-14 Sledding Discussion (create) talk sledding_discussion.png 2009-01-12 Windows 7 (create) talk windows_7.png 2009-01-09 Keynote (create) talk keynote.png 2009-01-07 Converting to Metric (create) talk converting_to_metric.png 2009-01-05 I Know You're Listening (create) talk i_know_youre_listening.png 2009-01-02 Party (create) talk party.png 2008-12-31 Decline (create) talk decline.png 2008-12-29 Google Trends (create) talk google_trends.png 2008-12-26 2008 Christmas Special (create) talk 2008_christmas_special.png 2008-12-24 Cuttlefish (create) talk cuttlefish.png 2008-12-22 11th Grade (create) talk 11th_grade.png 2008-12-19 Flow Charts (create) talk flow_charts.png 2008-12-17 Marshmallow Gun (create) talk marshmallow_gun.png 2008-12-15 Wood Chips (create) talk wood_chips.png 2008-12-12 No One Must Know (create) talk no_one_must_know.png 2008-12-10 Simultaneous (create) talk simultaneous.png 2008-12-08 Friends (create) talk friends.png 2008-12-05 Alternate Currency (create) talk alternate_currency.png 2008-12-03 Sleet (create) talk sleet.png 2008-12-01 Egg Drop Failure (create) talk egg_drop_failure.png 2008-11-28 Induced Current (create) talk induced_current.png 2008-11-26 Drapes (create) talk drapes.png 2008-11-24 Experimentation (create) talk experimentation.png 2008-11-21 Theft of the Magi (create) talk theft_of_the_magi.png 2008-11-19 A Bunch of Rocks (create) talk a_bunch_of_rocks.png 2008-11-17 Legal Hacks (create) talk legal_hacks.png 2008-11-14 Terminology (create) talk terminology.png 2008-11-12 Dark Flow (create) talk dark_flow.png 2008-11-10 Faust 2.0 (create) talk faust_20.png 2008-11-07 Election (create) talk election.png 2008-11-05 Scantron (create) talk scantron.png 2008-11-03 Secretary: Part 5 (create) talk secretary_part_5.png 2008-10-31 Secretary: Part 4 (create) talk secretary_part_4.png 2008-10-30 Secretary: Part 3 (create) talk secretary_part_3.png 2008-10-29 Secretary: Part 2 (create) talk secretary_part_2.png 2008-10-28 Secretary: Part 1 (create) talk secretary_part_1.png 2008-10-27 Actuarial (create) talk actuarial.png 2008-10-24 Scrabble (create) talk scrabble.png 2008-10-22 Twitter (create) talk twitter.png 2008-10-20 Morning Routine (create) talk morning_routine.png 2008-10-17 Going West (create) talk going_west.png 2008-10-15 Steal This Comic (create) talk steal_this_comic.png 2008-10-13 Numerical Sex Positions (create) talk numerical_sex_positions.png 2008-10-10 I am Not a Ninja (create) talk i_am_not_a_ninja.png 2008-10-08 Depth (create) talk depth.png 2008-10-06 Flash Games (create) talk flash_games.png 2008-10-03 Fiction Rule of Thumb (create) talk fiction_rule_of_thumb.png 2008-10-01 Height (create) talk height.png 2008-09-29 Listen to Yourself (create) talk listen_to_yourself.png 2008-09-26 Spore (create) talk spore.png 2008-09-24 Tones (create) talk tones.png 2008-09-22 The Staple Madness (create) talk the_staple_madness.png 2008-09-19 Typewriter (create) talk typewriter.png 2008-09-17 One-Sided (create) talk one-sided.png 2008-09-15 Further Boomerang Difficulties (create) talk further_boomerang_difficulties.png 2008-09-12 Turn-On (create) talk turn-on.png 2008-09-10 Still Raw (create) talk still_raw.png 2008-09-08 House of Pancakes (create) talk house_of_pancakes.png 2008-09-05 Aversion Fads (create) talk aversion_fads.png 2008-09-03 The End is Not for a While (create) talk the_end_is_not_for_a_while.png 2008-09-01 Improvised (create) talk improvised.png 2008-08-29 Fetishes (create) talk fetishes.png 2008-08-27 X Girls Y Cups (create) talk x_girls_y_cups.png 2008-08-25 Moving (create) talk moving.png 2008-08-22 Quantum Teleportation (create) talk quantum_teleportation.png 2008-08-20 RBA (create) talk rba.png 2008-08-18 Voting Machines (create) talk voting_machines.png 2008-08-15 Freemanic Paracusia (create) talk freemanic_paracusia.png 2008-08-13 Google Maps (create) talk google_maps.png 2008-08-11 Paleontology (create) talk paleontology.png 2008-08-08 Holy Ghost (create) talk holy_ghost.png 2008-08-06 Regrets (create) talk regrets.png 2008-08-04 Frustration (create) talk frustration.png 2008-08-01 Cautionary (create) talk cautionary.png 2008-07-30 Hats (create) talk hats.png 2008-07-28 Rewiring (create) talk rewiring.png 2008-07-25 Upcoming Hurricanes (create) talk upcoming_hurricanes.png 2008-07-23 Mission (create) talk mission.png 2008-07-21 Impostor (create) talk impostor.png 2008-07-18 The Sea (create) talk the_sea.png 2008-07-16 Things Fall Apart (create) talk things_fall_apart.png 2008-07-14 Good Morning (create) talk good_morning.png 2008-07-11 Too Old For This Shit (create) talk too_old_for_this_shit.png 2008-07-09 In Popular Culture (create) talk in_popular_culture.png 2008-07-07 I Am Not Good with Boomerangs (create) talk i_am_not_good_with_boomerangs.png 2008-07-04 Macgyver Gets Lazy (create) talk macgyver_gets_lazy.png 2008-07-02 Know Your Vines (create) talk know_your_vines.png 2008-06-30 xkcd Loves the Discovery Channel (create) talk xkcd_loves_the_discovery_channel.png 2008-06-27 Babies (create) talk babies.png 2008-06-25 Road Rage (create) talk road_rage.png 2008-06-23 Thinking Ahead (create) talk thinking_ahead.png 2008-06-20 Internet Argument (create) talk internet_argument.png 2008-06-18 SUV (create) talk suv.png 2008-06-16 How it Happened (create) talk how_it_happened.png 2008-06-13 Purity (create) talk purity.png 2008-06-11 xkcd Goes to the Airport (create) talk xkcd_goes_to_the_airport.png 2008-06-09 Journal 5 (create) talk journal_5.png 2008-06-06 Journal 4 (create) talk journal_4.png 2008-06-04 Delivery (create) talk delivery.png 2008-06-02 Every Damn Morning (create) talk every_damn_morning.png 2008-05-30 Fantasy (create) talk fantasy.png 2008-05-28 Starwatching (create) talk starwatching.png 2008-05-26 Bad Timing (create) talk bad_timing.png 2008-05-23 Geohashing (create) talk geohashing.png 2008-05-21 Fortune Cookies (create) talk fortune_cookies.png 2008-05-19 Security Holes (create) talk security_holes.png 2008-05-16 Finish Line (create) talk finish_line.png 2008-05-14 A Better Idea (create) talk a_better_idea.png 2008-05-12 Making Hash Browns (create) talk making_hash_browns.png 2008-05-09 Jealousy (create) talk jealousy.png 2008-05-07 Forks and Spoons (create) talk forks_and_spoons.png 2008-05-05 Stove Ownership (create) talk stove_ownership.png 2008-05-02 The Man Who Fell Sideways (create) talk the_man_who_fell_sideways.png 2008-04-30 Zealous Autoconfig (create) talk zealous_autoconfig.png 2008-04-28 Restraining Order (create) talk restraining_order.png 2008-04-25 Mistranslations (create) talk mistranslations.png 2008-04-23 New Pet (create) talk new_pet.png 2008-04-21 Startled (create) talk startled.png 2008-04-18 Techno (create) talk techno.png 2008-04-16 Math Paper (create) talk math_paper.png 2008-04-14 Electric Skateboard (Double Comic) (create) talk electric_skateboard_double_comic.png 2008-04-11 Overqualified (create) talk overqualified.png 2008-04-09 Cheap GPS (create) talk cheap_gps.png 2008-04-07 Venting (create) talk venting.png 2008-04-04 Journal 3 (create) talk journal_3.png 2008-04-02 Convincing Pickup Line (create) talk convincing_pickup_line.png 2008-03-31 1,000 Miles North (create) talk 1000_miles_north.png 2008-03-28 Large Hadron Collider (create) talk large_hadron_collider.png 2008-03-26 Important Life Lesson (create) talk important_life_lesson.png 2008-03-24 Travelling Salesman Problem (create) talk travelling_salesman_problem.png 2008-03-21 Tap That Ass (create) talk tap_that_ass.png 2008-03-19 Unscientific (create) talk unscientific.png 2008-03-17 The Ring (create) talk the_ring.png 2008-03-14 Morning (create) talk morning.png 2008-03-12 Kilobyte (create) talk kilobyte.png 2008-03-10 Ultimate Game (create) talk ultimate_game.png 2008-03-07 Making Rules (create) talk making_rules.png 2008-03-05 Anti-Mindvirus (create) talk anti_mind_virus.png 2008-03-03 Nightmares (create) talk nightmares.png 2008-02-29 Keeping Time (create) talk keeping_time.png 2008-02-27 Fuck Grapefruit (create) talk fuck_grapefruit.png 2008-02-25 Advanced Technology (create) talk advanced_technology.png 2008-02-22 Duty Calls (create) talk duty_calls.png 2008-02-20 How it Works (create) talk how_it_works.png 2008-02-18 The Drake Equation (create) talk the_drake_equation.png 2008-02-15 Helping (create) talk helping.png 2008-02-13 Trebuchet (create) talk trebuchet.png 2008-02-11 Mobius Battle (create) talk mobius_battle.png 2008-02-08 Emoticon (create) talk emoticon.png 2008-02-06 Forgetting (create) talk forgetting.png 2008-02-04 Real Programmers (create) talk real_programmers.png 2008-02-01 Journal 2 (create) talk journal_2.png 2008-01-30 Bug (create) talk bug.png 2008-01-28 Pod Bay Doors (create) talk pod_bay_doors.png 2008-01-25 Journal (create) talk journal.png 2008-01-23 The Data So Far (create) talk the_data_so_far.png 2008-01-21 To Be Wanted (create) talk to_be_wanted.png 2008-01-18 Compiler Complaint (create) talk compiler_complaint.png 2008-01-16 Redwall (create) talk redwall.png 2008-01-14 Dangers (create) talk dangers.png 2008-01-11 Bass (create) talk bass.png 2008-01-09 Fandom (create) talk fandom.png 2008-01-07 Your Mom (create) talk your_mom.png 2008-01-04 Slides (create) talk slides.png 2008-01-02 Responsible Behavior (create) talk responsible_behavior.png 2007-12-31 Reset (create) talk reset.png 2007-12-28 Blade Runner (create) talk blade_runner.png 2007-12-26 Christmas Back Home (create) talk christmas_back_home.png 2007-12-24 Writers Strike (create) talk writers_strike.png 2007-12-21 Rock Band (create) talk rock_band.png 2007-12-19 Loud Party (create) talk loud_party.png 2007-12-17 Flies (create) talk flies.png 2007-12-14 Nerd Sniping (create) talk nerd_sniping.png 2007-12-12 Couple (create) talk couple.png 2007-12-10 Startling (create) talk startling.png 2007-12-07 Python (create) talk python.png 2007-12-05 Far Away (create) talk far_away.png 2007-12-03 Trolling (create) talk trolling.png 2007-11-30 Network (create) talk network.png 2007-11-28 Success (create) talk success.png 2007-11-26 Close to You (create) talk close_to_you.png 2007-11-23 Brick Archway (create) talk brick_archway.png 2007-11-21 Diet Coke+Mentos (create) talk diet_coke_mentos.png 2007-11-19 1337: Part 5 (create) talk 1337_part_5.png 2007-11-16 1337: Part 4 (create) talk 1337_part_4.png 2007-11-14 1337: Part 3 (create) talk 1337_part_3.png 2007-11-14 1337: Part 2 (create) talk 1337_part_2.png 2007-11-13 1337: Part 1 (create) talk 1337_part_1.png 2007-11-12 Fight (create) talk fight.png 2007-11-09 Classic (create) talk classic.png 2007-11-07 Future (create) talk future.png 2007-11-05 Post Office Showdown (create) talk post_office_showdown.png 2007-11-02 Priorities (create) talk priorities.png 2007-10-31 Mattress (create) talk mattress.png 2007-10-29 Wasteland (create) talk wasteland.png 2007-10-26 Getting Out of Hand (create) talk getting_out_of_hand.png 2007-10-24 Gyroscopes (create) talk gyroscopes.png 2007-10-22 Photoshops (create) talk photoshops.png 2007-10-19 Indecision (create) talk indecision.png 2007-10-17 Turing Test (create) talk turing_test.png 2007-10-15 Eggs (create) talk eggs.png 2007-10-12 Exploits of a Mom (create) talk exploits_of_a_mom.png 2007-10-10 Effect an Effect (create) talk effect_an_effect.png 2007-10-08 A-Minus-Minus (create) talk a-minus-minus.png 2007-10-05 Tapping (create) talk tapping.png 2007-10-03 Ballmer Peak (create) talk ballmer_peak.png 2007-10-01 Pix Plz (create) talk pix_plz.png 2007-09-28 Thighs (create) talk thighs.png 2007-09-26 28-Hour Day (create) talk 28_hour_day.png 2007-09-24 Engineering Hubris (create) talk engineering_hubris.png 2007-09-21 Nostalgia (create) talk nostalgia.png 2007-09-19 That Lovin' Feelin' (create) talk that_lovin_feelin.png 2007-09-17 Loud Sex (create) talk loud_sex.png 2007-09-14 Braille (create) talk braille.png 2007-09-12 Dating Pools (create) talk dating_pools.png 2007-09-10 Insomnia (create) talk insomnia.png 2007-09-07 With Apologies to Robert Frost (create) talk with_apologies_to_robert_frost.png 2007-09-05 Action Movies (create) talk action_movies.png 2007-09-03 Commitment (create) talk commitment.png 2007-08-31 Shopping Teams (create) talk shopping_teams.png 2007-08-29 Interesting Life (create) talk interesting_life.png 2007-08-27 Excessive Quotation (create) talk excessive_quotation.png 2007-08-24 Orphaned Projects (create) talk orphaned_projects.png 2007-08-22 Rule 34 (create) talk rule_34.png 2007-08-20 Nighttime Stories (create) talk nighttime_stories.jpg 2007-08-17 Compiling (create) talk compiling.png 2007-08-15 Names (create) talk names.png 2007-08-13 Limerick (create) talk limerick.png 2007-08-10 Facebook (create) talk facebook.png 2007-08-08 Aeris Dies (create) talk aeris_dies.png 2007-08-06 Tesla Coil (create) talk tesla_coil.png 2007-08-03 Lisp Cycles (create) talk lisp_cycles.png 2007-08-01 Tony Hawk (create) talk tony_hawk.png 2007-07-30 DNE (create) talk dne.png 2007-07-27 Bookstore (create) talk bookstore.png 2007-07-25 RTFM (create) talk rtfm.png 2007-07-23 goto (create) talk goto.png 2007-07-20 Dignified (create) talk dignified.png 2007-07-18 Fucking Blue Shells (create) talk fucking_blue_shells.png 2007-07-16 Alone (create) talk alone.png 2007-07-13 Elevator (create) talk elevator.jpg 2007-07-11 NP-Complete (create) talk np_complete.png 2007-07-09 All Your Base (create) talk all_your_base.png 2007-07-06 Wikipedian Protester (create) talk wikipedian_protester.png 2007-07-04 Tape Measure (create) talk tape_measure.png 2007-07-02 Projection (create) talk projection.png 2007-06-29 Organic Fuel (create) talk organic_fuel.png 2007-06-27 Online Package Tracking (create) talk online_package_tracking.png 2007-06-25 Librarians (create) talk librarians.png 2007-06-22 Pickup Lines (create) talk pickup_lines.png 2007-06-20 Black Hat Support (create) talk black_hat_support.png 2007-06-18 Long Light (create) talk long_light.png 2007-06-15 Fixed Width (create) talk fixed_width.png 2007-06-13 Thoughts (create) talk thoughts.png 2007-06-11 With Apologies to The Who (create) talk with_apologies_to_the_who.png 2007-06-08 Electromagnetic Spectrum (create) talk electromagnetic_spectrum.png 2007-06-06 Linux User at Best Buy (create) talk linux_user_at_best_buy.png 2007-06-04 Powers of One (create) talk powers_of_one.png 2007-06-01 Merlin (create) talk merlin.png 2007-05-30 TCMP (create) talk tcmp.png 2007-05-28 Choices: Part 5 (create) talk choices_part_5.png 2007-05-25 Choices: Part 4 (create) talk choices_part_4.jpg 2007-05-24 Choices: Part 3 (create) talk choices_part_3.jpg 2007-05-23 Choices: Part 2 (create) talk choices_part_2.jpg 2007-05-21 Choices: Part 1 (create) talk choices_part_1.jpg 2007-05-21 Certainty (create) talk certainty.png 2007-05-18 IN UR REALITY (create) talk in_ur_reality.png 2007-05-16 Regarding Mussolini (create) talk regarding_mussolini.png 2007-05-14 The Glass Necklace (create) talk the_glass_necklace.png 2007-05-11 Clichéd Exchanges (create) talk cliched_exchanges.png 2007-05-09 Conspiracy Theories (create) talk conspiracy_theories.png 2007-05-07 Code Talkers (create) talk code_talkers.png 2007-05-04 Online Communities (create) talk online_communities_small.png 2007-05-02 Subjectivity (create) talk subjectivity.png 2007-04-30 Comic Fragment (create) talk comic_fragment.jpg 2007-04-27 Highway Engineer Pranks (create) talk highway_engineer_pranks.png 2007-04-25 Escalators (create) talk escalators.png 2007-04-23 CD Tray Fight (create) talk cd_tray_fight.png 2007-04-20 Snopes (create) talk snopes.png 2007-04-18 Chess Photo (create) talk chess_photo.png 2007-04-16 Hypotheticals (create) talk hypotheticals.png 2007-04-13 Factoring the Time (create) talk factoring_the_time.png 2007-04-11 Labyrinth Puzzle (create) talk labyrinth_puzzle.png 2007-04-09 Floor Tiles (create) talk floor_tiles.png 2007-04-06 Tabletop Roleplaying (create) talk tabletop_roleplaying.png 2007-04-04 Appropriate Term (create) talk appropriate_term.png 2007-04-02 The Difference (create) talk the_difference.png 2007-03-30 Battle Room (create) talk battle_room.png 2007-03-28 Dream Girl (create) talk dream_girl.png 2007-03-26 Blagofaire (create) talk blagofaire.png 2007-03-23 Pet Peeve 114 (create) talk pet_peeve_114.png 2007-03-21 Keyboards are Disgusting (create) talk keyboards_are_disgusting.png 2007-03-19 Collecting Double-Takes (create) talk collecting_double_takes.png 2007-03-16 Kite (create) talk kite.jpg 2007-03-14 Escape Artist (create) talk escape_artist.png 2007-03-12 A New CAPTCHA Approach (create) talk a_new_captcha_approach.png 2007-03-09 Chess Enlightenment (create) talk chess_enlightenment.png 2007-03-07 Cat Proximity (create) talk cat_proximity.png 2007-03-05 Hamiltonian (create) talk hamiltonian.png 2007-03-02 Graffiti (create) talk graffiti.png 2007-02-28 Resonance (create) talk resonance.png 2007-02-26 Color Codes (create) talk color_codes.png 2007-02-23 Swingset (create) talk swingset.png 2007-02-21 Open Source (create) talk open_source.png 2007-02-19 Lisp (create) talk lisp.jpg 2007-02-16 Valentine's Day (create) talk valentines_day.jpg 2007-02-14 Small Talk (create) talk small_talk.png 2007-02-12 Random Number (create) talk random_number.png 2007-02-09 Philosophy (create) talk philosophy.png 2007-02-07 Blanket Fort (create) talk blanket_fort.png 2007-02-05 Nintendo Surgeon (create) talk nintendo_surgeon.png 2007-02-02 e to the pi Minus pi (create) talk e_to_the_pi_minus_pi.png 2007-01-31 Romantic Drama Equation (create) talk romantic_drama_equation.png 2007-01-29 Letting Go (create) talk letting_go.png 2007-01-26 The Problem with Wikipedia (create) talk the_problem_with_wikipedia.png 2007-01-24 Ghostbusters Marathon (create) talk ghostbusters_marathon.png 2007-01-22 Brain (create) talk brain.png 2007-01-19 Hamster Ball Heist (create) talk hamster_ball_heist.png 2007-01-17 90's Flowchart (create) talk 90s_flowchart.png 2007-01-15 Kayak (create) talk kayak.png 2007-01-12 Regular Expressions (create) talk regular_expressions.png 2007-01-10 What xkcd Means (create) talk what_xkcd_means.png 2007-01-08 Reno Rhymes (create) talk reno_rhymes.png 2007-01-05 Candy Button Paper (create) talk candy_button_paper.png 2007-01-03 America (create) talk america.png 2007-01-01 Hallucinations (create) talk hallucinations.png 2006-12-29 YouTube (create) talk youtube.png 2006-12-27 Christmas GPS (create) talk christmas_gps.png 2006-12-25 Bill Nye (create) talk bill_nye.png 2006-12-22 Right-Hand Rule (create) talk right_hand_rule.png 2006-12-20 Perspective (create) talk perspective.png 2006-12-18 Ninja Turtles (create) talk ninja_turtles.png 2006-12-15 Command Line Fu (create) talk command_line_fu.png 2006-12-13 Map of the Internet (create) talk map_of_the_internet.jpg 2006-12-11 Penises (create) talk penises.png 2006-12-08 The Perfect Sound (create) talk the_perfect_sound.png 2006-12-06 Working for Google (create) talk working_for_google.png 2006-12-04 Lojban (create) talk lojban.png 2006-12-01 IPoD (create) talk ipod.png 2006-11-29 Exercise (create) talk exercise.png 2006-11-27 Reload (create) talk reload.png 2006-11-24 The Familiar (create) talk the_familiar.png 2006-11-22 Console Lines (create) talk console_lines.png 2006-11-20 Wikifriends (create) talk wikifriends.png 2006-11-17 Matrix Transform (create) talk matrix_transform.png 2006-11-15 Snacktime Rules (create) talk snacktime_rules.png 2006-11-13 Nash (create) talk nash.png 2006-11-10 Interblag (create) talk interblag.png 2006-11-08 Canada (create) talk canada.png 2006-11-06 e to the pi times i (create) talk e_to_the_pi_times_i.png 2006-11-03 Not Really Into Pokemon (create) talk not_really_into_pokemon.png 2006-11-01 Alice and Bob (create) talk alice_and_bob.png 2006-10-30 Before Sunrise (create) talk before_sunrise.png 2006-10-27 Automatic Doors (create) talk automatic_doors.png 2006-10-25 That's What SHE Said (create) talk thats_what_she_said.png 2006-10-23 Movie Seating (create) talk movie_seating.png 2006-10-20 Skateboarding is Not a Crime (create) talk skateboarding_is_not_a_crime.png 2006-10-18 String Theory (create) talk string_theory.png 2006-10-16 Turn Back (create) talk turn_back.png 2006-10-13 Words that End in GRY (create) talk words_that_end_in_gry.png 2006-10-11 Reverse Euphemisms (create) talk reverse_euphemisms.png 2006-10-09 Nihilism (create) talk nihilism.png 2006-10-06 Misusing Slang (create) talk misusing_slang.png 2006-10-04 Turn Signals (create) talk turn_signals.png 2006-10-02 Playing Devil's Advocate to Win (create) talk global_warming.png 2006-09-29 Donald Knuth (create) talk donald_knuth.png 2006-09-27 Angular Momentum (create) talk angular_momentum.png 2006-09-25 Accident (create) talk accident.png 2006-09-22 Penny Arcade Parody (create) talk penny_arcade_parody.png 2006-09-20 Boombox (create) talk boombox.png 2006-09-20 Six Months (create) talk six_months.png 2006-09-18 Filler Art (create) talk filler_art.png 2006-09-15 Commented (create) talk commented.png 2006-09-13 Search History (create) talk search_history.png 2006-09-11 Beliefs (create) talk beliefs.jpg 2006-09-08 Cryptography (create) talk cryptography.png 2006-09-06 Hamster Ball (create) talk hamster_ball.png 2006-09-03 Mario (create) talk mario.png 2006-09-01 Grownups (create) talk grownups.png 2006-08-29 Sandwich (create) talk sandwich.png 2006-08-28 Mispronouncing (create) talk mispronouncing.png 2006-08-25 A Way So Familiar (create) talk a_way_so_familiar.png 2006-08-23 Join Myspace (create) talk join_myspace.png 2006-08-21 Parody Week: Dinosaur Comics (create) talk dinosaur_comics.png 2006-08-18 Parody Week: A Softer World (create) talk a_softer_robot.jpg 2006-08-17 Parody Week: TFD and Natalie Dee (create) talk tfd_nataliedee.png 2006-08-16 Parody Week: Megatokyo (create) talk megaxkcd.png 2006-08-15 Parody Week: Achewood (create) talk achewood.png 2006-08-14 Delicious (create) talk delicious.png 2006-08-11 I Have Owned Two Electric Skateboards (create) talk electric_skateboards.png 2006-08-09 Pointers (create) talk pointers.png 2006-08-07 Dreams (create) talk dreams.png 2006-08-04 Science Fair (create) talk science_fair.png 2006-08-02 Substitute (create) talk substitute.png 2006-07-31 Myspace (create) talk myspace.png 2006-07-28 The Raven (create) talk the_raven.jpg 2006-07-26 Music Knowledge (create) talk music_knowledge.png 2006-07-24 Fans (create) talk fans.png 2006-07-21 Julia Stiles (create) talk julia_stiles.jpg 2006-07-19 Content Protection (create) talk content_protection.png 2006-07-17 dPain over dt (create) talk dPain_over_dt.png 2006-07-14 The Fast and the Furious (create) talk the_fast_and_the_furious.jpg 2006-07-12 Red Spiders Cometh (create) talk red_spiders_cometh.jpg 2006-07-10 Marketing Interview (create) talk marketing_interview.png 2006-07-07 Blogofractal (create) talk blogofractal.png 2006-07-05 Centrifugal Force (create) talk centrifugal_force.png 2006-07-03 Quirky Girls (create) talk quirky_girls.png 2006-06-30 Balloon (create) talk balloon.png 2006-06-28 Dating Service (create) talk dating_service.png 2006-06-26 Worst Band Name Ever (create) talk hedgeclipper.jpg 2006-06-23 50 Ways (create) talk 50_ways.png 2006-06-21 Pong (create) talk pong.png 2006-06-19 City (create) talk city.jpg 2006-06-16 Meerkat (create) talk meerkat.jpg 2006-06-14 Computational Linguists (create) talk computational_linguists.png 2006-06-12 Riemann-Zeta (create) talk riemann-zeta.jpg 2006-06-09 Baring My Heart (create) talk baring_my_heart.png 2006-06-07 Firefox and Witchcraft - The Connection? (create) talk firefox_wicca.png 2006-06-05 Clark Gable (create) talk clark_gable.jpg 2006-06-02 Spoiler Alert (create) talk spoiler_alert.png 2006-05-31 M.C. Hammer Slide (create) talk mc_hammer_slide.png 2006-05-29 Snakes on a Plane! 2 (create) talk snakes_on_a_plane_2.jpg 2006-05-26 Wright Brothers (create) talk wright_brothers.png 2006-05-24 Parallel Universe (create) talk parallel_universe.jpg 2006-05-22 Find You (create) talk find_you.jpg 2006-05-19 Moral Relativity (create) talk moral_relativity.jpg 2006-05-17 Back to the Future (create) talk back_to_the_future.jpg 2006-05-15 Laser Scope (create) talk laser_scope.jpg 2006-05-12 Family Circus (create) talk family_circus.jpg 2006-05-10 Binary Heart (create) talk binary_heart.jpg 2006-05-08 Fall Apart (create) talk fall_apart.jpg 2006-05-05 A Simple Plan (create) talk a_simple_plan.jpg 2006-05-03 Mail (create) talk mail.png 2006-05-01 The Sierpinski Penis Game (create) talk the_sierpinski_penis_game.jpg 2006-04-28 Profile Creation Flowchart (create) talk profile_flowchart.jpg 2006-04-26 Jeremy Irons (create) talk jeremy_irons.jpg 2006-04-24 Sunrise (create) talk sunrise.jpg 2006-04-21 Pwned (create) talk pwned.png 2006-04-19 Jacket (create) talk jacket.jpg 2006-04-17 Gravitational Mass (create) talk gravitational_mass.jpg 2006-04-14 Escher Bracelet (create) talk escher_wristband.jpg 2006-04-12 Velociraptors (create) talk velociraptors.jpg 2006-04-10 Digital Rights Management (create) talk sony_microsoft_mpaa_riaa_apple.jpg 2006-04-07 Paths (create) talk paths.jpg 2006-04-05 National Language (create) talk national_language.jpg 2006-04-03 Katamari (create) talk katamari.jpg 2006-03-31 Frame (create) talk frame.jpg 2006-03-29 Attention, shopper (create) talk attention_shopper.jpg 2006-03-27 My Other Car (create) talk other_car.jpg 2006-03-24 Iambic Pentameter (create) talk iambic_pentameter.jpg 2006-03-22 Garfield (create) talk garfield.jpg 2006-03-20 Bored with the Internet (create) talk bored_with_the_internet.jpg 2006-03-17 Familiar (create) talk familiar.jpg 2006-03-15 Curse Levels (create) talk curse_levels.jpg 2006-03-13 Su Doku (create) talk su_doku.jpg 2006-03-10 Zeppelin (create) talk zeppelin.jpg 2006-03-08 Classhole (create) talk classhole.jpg 2006-03-06 In the Trees (create) talk in_the_trees.jpg 2006-03-03 Guitar Hero (create) talk guitar_hero.jpg 2006-03-01 Pillow Talk (create) talk pillow_talk.jpg 2006-02-27 Five Thirty (create) talk five_thirty.jpg 2006-02-24 Nerd Girls (create) talk nerd_girls.jpg 2006-02-22 Abusive Astronomy (create) talk abusive_astronomy.jpg 2006-02-20 Banter (create) talk banter.jpg 2006-02-17 Solar Plexus (create) talk solar_plexus.jpg 2006-02-15 Valentine - Heart (create) talk valentine.jpg 2006-02-13 Valentine - Karnaugh (create) talk valentine_karnaugh.png 2006-02-10 Stacey's Dad (create) talk staceys_dad.jpg 2006-02-08 Super Bowl (create) talk super_bowl.jpg 2006-02-06 Graduation (create) talk graduation.jpg 2006-02-03 Why Do You Love Me? (create) talk why_do_you_love_me.jpg 2006-02-01 Wait For Me (create) talk wait_for_me.jpg 2006-01-31 The Cure (create) talk the_cure.jpg 2006-01-30 Useless (create) talk useless.jpg 2006-01-27 Science (create) talk science.jpg 2006-01-25 Hobby (create) talk hobby.jpg 2006-01-23 Secret Worlds (create) talk secret_worlds.jpg 2006-01-21 Malaria (create) talk malaria.jpg 2006-01-18 Penny Arcade (create) talk penny_arcade.jpg 2006-01-17 Want (create) talk want.jpg 2006-01-14 Found (create) talk found.jpg 2006-01-12 Counter-Red Spiders (create) talk counter-red-spiders.jpg 2006-01-09 Secrets (create) talk secrets.jpg 2006-01-06 Schrodinger (create) talk schrodinger.jpg 2006-01-04 Love (create) talk love.jpg 2005-10-19 Red Spiders 2 (create) talk red_spiders_2.jpg 2005-12-02 Geico (create) talk geico.jpg 2005-11-28 Old Drawing (create) talk unspeakable_pun.jpg 2005-11-23 Light (create) talk light.jpg 2005-10-21 Bowl (create) talk bowl.jpg 2005-12-05 Apple Jacks (create) talk apple_jacks.jpg 2005-11-30 Hyphen (create) talk hyphen.jpg 2005-10-28 Scientists (create) talk scientists.jpg Unknown Sheep (create) talk sheep.jpg 2005-11-26 Flowers (create) talk flowers.jpg 2005-11-09 Self-reference (create) talk self-reference.jpg 2005-11-21 Pillar (create) talk pillar.jpg 2005-11-19 Barrel - Part 5 (create) talk barrel_part_5.jpg 2005-11-16 Donner (create) talk donner.jpg 2005-11-07 Hitler (create) talk hitler.jpg 2005-11-11 Elefino (create) talk elefino.jpg 2005-11-14 Meat Cereals (create) talk meat_cereals.jpg 2005-11-04 Fourier (create) talk fourier.jpg 2005-11-02 Barrel - Part 4 (create) talk barrel_part_4.jpg 2005-10-31 Godel, Escher, Kurt Halsey (create) talk godel_escher_kurthalsey.jpg 2005-09-30 T-shirts (create) talk t-shirts.jpg 2005-10-26 Barrel - Part 3 (create) talk barrel_whirlpool.jpg 2005-10-24 Kepler (create) talk kepler.jpg 2005-10-17 Ferret (create) talk ferret.jpg 2005-10-14 George Clinton (create) talk george_clinton.jpg 2005-10-12 Snapple (create) talk snapple.jpg 2005-10-10 What If (create) talk what_if.jpg 2005-10-07 Monty Python -- Enough (create) talk monty_python.jpg 2005-10-04 Just Alerting You (create) talk just_alerting_you.jpg 2005-10-02 Copyright (create) talk copyright.jpg 2005-09-30 Canyon (create) talk canyon_small.jpg 2005-09-30 Poisson (create) talk poisson.jpg Unknown Barrel - Part 2 (create) talk barrel_mommies.jpg 2005-09-30 Pi Equals (create) talk pi.jpg 2005-09-30 Serenity is coming out tomorrow (create) talk firefly.jpg 2005-09-30 Red spiders (create) talk red_spiders_small.jpg 2005-09-30 Girl sleeping (Sketch -- 11th grade Spanish class) (create) talk girl_sleeping_noline_(1).jpg 2005-09-30 Irony (create) talk irony_color.jpg 2005-09-30 Blown apart (create) talk blownapart_color.jpg Unknown Landscape (sketch) (create) talk landscape_cropped_(1).jpg 2005-09-30 Island (sketch) (create) talk island_color.jpg 2005-09-30 Petit Trees (sketch) (create) talk tree_cropped_(1).jpg 2005-09-30 Barrel - Part 1 (create) talk barrel_cropped_(1).jpg 2005-09-30
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