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(Latest comic)
(Latest comic)
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<span style="float:right;">[{{fullurl:1091: Curiosity|action=edit}} '''edit this explanation!''']</span>
<span style="float:right;">[{{fullurl:1091: Curiosity|action=edit}} '''edit this explanation!''']</span>
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Welcome to the explain xkcd wiki! We currently have Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character ",". comic explanations. Come and add yours!

Latest comic

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Ambox notice.png This explanation may be incomplete or incorrect: This is one of those complicated interactive entries, more like reviewing a video game than explaining a normal comic.

In this April Fools interactive comic, Cueball, presumably representing Randall, admits to the readers he built a flimsy cloud services company using spare computer parts. His setup failed and in part caught fire, making him lose data he was required to hold as part of his service. He requests the users help him recover, make up and reimagine the lost data by pressing the large red button at the bottom of the comic. Pressing the button shifts the comic into a survey displaying either a poorly drawn picture or an ambiguous text post, prompting the reader to choose a matching text post or poorly drawn picture respectively. The survey also allows the reader to make up a text post or drawing, completely defeating the purpose of recovering the lost data.

This comic may be a reference to the 2008 film Be Kind Rewind.



[Cueball sitting behind a desk labeled XKCD.COM.]
Cueball: We've made a huge mistake.
[Cueball points at a bunch of computers]
Cueball: I figured starting a cloud services company would be easy. After all, I've got tons of computers!
[A zoomed view on cueballs head.]
Cueball: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr — They all struggle to protect privacy and user data... And we offered a solution. I forget what it was, though.
[Cueball is standing with his arms up.]
Cueball: Anyway, long story short, we screwed up immediately and lost tons of their data. Also a bunch of stuff is literally on fire?
[Cueball standing behind a desk labeled XKCD.COM.]
Cueball: We can fix this. But we need your help.
Clickable button: CLICK HERE to help us recover user data before Facebook & Co notice we lost it.

Interactive page

Help! we lost the picture that goes with this post!
Reason for data loss: (This is a random string. Some examples:)

This copy of Ubuntu is not genuine and you have not yet resolved this issue. Server fell in ocean. LP0 on fire

Our policy regarding your personal data:

  • Please stop sending us your personal data
  • We are running out of places to put it
  • Is this even yours?
  • Does anyone recognize whose data this is?
  • Oh jeez never mind here comes more data
  • Why are you doing this
  • Please stop
  • Help

This page allows users to submit entries to the "xkcloud", which has other images (drawn by other people? Someone confirm) to vote on, or "Draw Your Own" image options.

There is also a variant in which one creates text to go with an image.

xkcloud has "like-like" buttons, with random adjectives applied to an xkcd-style "Like" button.


  • It's the first and only comic without a title text.

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