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If you need assistance from an [[explain xkcd:Administrators|admin]], post a message to the [[explain xkcd:Community portal/Admin requests|Admin requests]] board.
If you need assistance from an [[explain xkcd:Administrators|admin]], post a message to the [[explain xkcd:Community portal/Admin requests|Admin requests]] board.
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[[Category:Root category]]

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This well-known effect has of course been replicated in countless experiments.
Title text: This well-known effect has of course been replicated in countless experiments.


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BDLPSWDKS is an acronym for

The effect mentioned appears to be a mashup of seven scientific principles from different scientific fields, with elements from each principle appearing in the resulting description of the effect:

Bernoulli's principle in fluid dynamics (also mentioned in 803: Airfoil) states that an increase in the speed of a fluid with certain properties occurs simultaneously with a decrease in pressure or a decrease in the fluid's potential energy, often used to explain how an airplane lifts off the ground. This is referenced by the firetruck lifting off.

The Doppler effect in physics refers to the change in a wave's frequency for an observer moving relative to its source. The effect can be observed from the siren sounding in an approaching vehicle. This is referenced by the firetruck moving towards the observer and making noise.

The Leidenfrost effect refers to how liquid will produce an insulating vapor layer when in near contact with an extremely hot surface, causing it to hover over said surface. This is referenced by the firetruck hover on a layer of superheated gas.

The Peltzman effect refers to how regulations intended to increase safety are ineffective or counterproductive. This is likely referenced by the observer responding to a dangerous situation after being warned.

The Sapir–Whorf hypothesis states that a person's world view and cognitive processes are affected by the structure of the language the person speaks. This is referenced by how the observer reacts differently depending on the tonality of the language in which the warning is uttered and whether or not the language contains the word "firefighter."

The Dunning–Kruger effect refers to unskilled people mistakenly perceive themselves as more skilled than they really are, while skilled people underestimate their own abilities. This is referenced by how observers react differently when they erroneously perceive themselves to be fluent in a language.

The Stroop effect refers to the phenomenon in which it is easier to name the color of the ink in which a word is written when the word refers to the same color as the ink than when the word refers to a different color. This is referenced by the driver shouting the names of different colors.


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