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Solar System Questions
My country's World Cup win was exciting and all, but c'mon, what if the players wore nylon wings and COULD LITERALLY FLY?
Title text: My country's World Cup win was exciting and all, but c'mon, what if the players wore nylon wings and COULD LITERALLY FLY?


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Questions I Have About The Solar System (Some answered)

Question given Answer given by Randall (in Red) Comments
Why is the the Moon <sic? or "the The Moon"?> so blotchy? Lava "the the" could be a Randallism (intended or unintended).
Why are all the blotches on the near side? ... The nearside of the Moon is dominated by the blotchy 'seas' (volcanic flats), the far side by craters. Possibly an overabundance of craters obliterate the blotches, and the far side was always more 'exposed' to impacts.
Did Mars have seas? Yes (briefly?) Recent explorations have confirmed there was once standing water (not just occasional flowing water), but not yet how long, save that it created the sedimentary layers that we have seen.
Was there life on Mars? ... One of the big mysteries, not yet answered.
What's Titan like? Cold, yellow, lakes + rivers (methane)
What was Earth like during the Hadean? ...
Is the Oort Cloud a real thing? ...
Why is the Sun's corona so hot? Something about magnets? The corona of the sun is hotter than it theoretically should be. The looping magnetic fields in this area could be responsible.
What are comets like? Precipitous The Philae lander is next to a cliff...
Where's Philae, exactly? ... ...but we're not sure which cliff.
What's Pluto like? [Soon!] A probe may be about to answer both of these questions.
What's Charon like?
Why don't we have in-between-sized planets? ... There is a size-gap between the rocky planets (up to Earth size) and the gas giants
What's Ceres like? [Working on it!] Another probe
Why is Europa so wierd-looking and pretty? Ice over a water ocean
Why is Io so weird-looking? Sulfur volcanoes (? in the wrong places?)
Why are so many Kuiper Belt objects red? ...
What are those spots on Ceres? ...
What's in the seas under Europa's ice? ...
Which of the other moons have seas? Several (Partial/initial list possible? Definition of 'seas' would affect this.)
What are the big white things in Titan's Lakes? ...
What do Jupiter's clouds look like up close? ...
What's all that red stuff in the Great Red Spot? ...
What's pushing the Pioneer Probes? Heat from the RTG Discussed as the Pioneer anomaly. RTG stands for Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator.
What pushes spacecraft slightly during flybys? ... The related Flyby anomaly.
Where are all the Sun's Neutrinos? Oscillating
Why is there so much air on Titan? ...
Why <sic? Where?> does the Kuiper Belt Stop? ... A reference to the Kuiper Cliff.
Why is Iapetus weird-colored? ...
Why does iapetus have a belt? ...
What's the deal with Miranda? ...
Did Uranus and Neptune change places? ... The Nice model is a theory of how our solar system formed, which suggested the possibility of Uranus and Neptune having swapped placed before reaching their current positions. Work by Professor S Desch also came to this result.
Did the Late Heavy Bombardment happen? ...
Did life start before it? ...
Is Europa covered in Ice Spikes? ...
Why haven't we build a big inflatable Extreme Sports Complex on The Moon? ...
(Titletext) My country's World Cup win was exciting and all, but c'mon, what if the players wore nylon wings and COULD LITERALLY FLY? ... 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup


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