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Plus, time's all weird in there, so most of it probably broke down and decomposed hundreds of years ago. Which reminds me, I've been meaning to get in touch with Yucca Mountain to see if they're interested in a partnership.
Title text: Plus, time's all weird in there, so most of it probably broke down and decomposed hundreds of years ago. Which reminds me, I've been meaning to get in touch with Yucca Mountain to see if they're interested in a partnership.


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Black Hat is, once again, thoroughly confusing a house guest/room mate. (Shown previously in 908: The Cloud and others). This time, when enquired about a chute extruding from his wardrobe, he explains that it is a trash chute into another dimension. Cueball quickly deduces that this is a reference to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and the other Narnia books by C. S. Lewis. In the books, the characters use a portal that they find in a wardrobe (and later other places) to travel to a magical dimension called Narnia, where time passes differently from on Earth. Apparently, Black Hat has gotten his hands on the titular wardrobe and is using it to dispose of trash.

If one cares about the rules of the Narnia continuity, this comic is playing fast and loose with them. First, the wardrobe would just fill with trash. Not only is the portal to Narnia transient (meaning most of the time Black Hat has a normal wardrobe), but it doesn't actually draw anything in; the trash would sit there on Black Hat's half of the wardrobe until he pushed it over. Also, Narnia is considered magical, so it may seem sacrilegious to be throwing trash there. (The portal to Narnia was previously featured in 665: Prudence and 969: Delta-P.)

The cat he refers to is Aslan, a Magical lion that inhabits and watches over Narnia. He would probably be really pissed that someone is throwing trash there. He would probably try to stop this by any means necessary, even if that means coming up through a trash chute into another dimension. But, because lions are a type of cat (feline), apparently he can be repelled with an ordinary spray bottle, usually used on small house cats. The system would dispose of trash very efficiently because time passes much faster on Narnia than on earth (previously mentioned in 821: Five-Minute Comics: Part 3). Because of this, within just a few Earth minutes, the trash could completely decompose. Yucca Mountain is a proposed nuclear waste repository. Black hat wants to use his method to help them dispose of radioactive waste, likely for a profit for himself.


[Cueball looking at garbage chute attached to wardrobe]
Cueball: What's this thing on your wardrobe?
[Black Hat off-panel]
Black Hat: Garbage chute.
[Cueball and Black Hat face each other]
Cueball: Into a wardrobe?
Black hat: There's some sort of magical portal in there. Half the furniture I get has them - it's kind of a pain.
Cueball: You dump your trash in Narnia?
Black Hat: Yeah, it's a real time-saver.
There's a huge cat in there, but I have a spray bottle I use when he tries to come up through the chute.

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