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D.B. Cooper
'Why on Earth would someone commit air piracy just to finance a terrible movie decades later?' 'People are very strange these days.'
Title text: 'Why on Earth would someone commit air piracy just to finance a terrible movie decades later?' 'People are very strange these days.'


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This comic suggests that hijacker with the epithet D. B. Cooper (who forced the aviation industry to make several changes in security measures) and actor/director Tommy Wiseau are the same person, because the fate of one and the past of the other are unknown. Cooper's case remains the only unsolved air piracy in American aviation history and is still a popular culture phenomenon.

Cueball mentions that Cooper's true identity and what happened to the money are unknown and suggests that his theory explains both stories. Only $5,880 of the $200,000 in ransom was ever found.

The title chalks up such a weird motive for hijacking to the impression that "people are very strange these days," which is a quote from Wiseau's movie The Room.


Panel 1

D.B. Cooper ("Dan Cooper")

Hijacked a plane in the 1970s. On landing, demanded money and parachutes. Jumped from plane mid-flight and was never found.

  • Vanished mysteriously with

large amount of money

  • Real age/name unknown
  • Ambiguous, possibly

affected speaking style ("negotiable American currency")

  • Fate unknown

Panel 2

Tommy Wiseau ("Johnny")

Wrote, directed, and starred in The Room, a film widely hailed as "The Citizen Kane of bad movies."

  • Appeared mysteriously

with large amount of money

  • Colleague says he's much

older than he claims.

  • Ambiguous, possibly

affected speaking style ("You are tearing me apart, Lisa!")

  • Background unknown

Panel 3

[Images captioned Cooper (FBI sketch) and Wiseau (Flickr photo by Al Pavangkanan)]

This is the dumbest theory I've ever heard.

But it explains everything!!

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