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Here at, our three main strengths are our web-facing chairs, our huge collection of white papers, and the fact that we physically cannot die.
Title text: Here at, our three main strengths are our web-facing chairs, our huge collection of white papers, and the fact that we physically cannot die.


Ambox notice.png This explanation may be incomplete or incorrect: Needs to be expounded upon heavily.

Beret Guy's business, as previously seen in 1032: Networking and 1293: Job Interview, is going well, although it is unclear why. The common theme in these three comics is that Beret Guy misuses common business cliches. The following are examples and phrases that Randall is likely making a joke about:

- "Just wanna touch bases." Often business professions will contact a customer to "touch base," meaning to check in for a status update. The use of the plural "bases" suggests Beret Guy does not know what this means.

- "the self driving car project" Google has been working on self-driving cars, which usually shouldn't be lost track of and found by the police.

- "Sales, any luck figuring out who our customers are?" No doubt this question would not be taken seriously in the real world. Money doesn't usually appear from nowhere, and most businesses would be very unsettled if their cash flow was from an unknown source.

- "Bug tracker" usually refers to software bugs that need fixing, not actual bugs.

- "White papers" (Title Text) are usually policy recommendations, but we suspect the title text is talking about (near-worthless) blank pages.

The reason I'm so inexpertly adding this section is to make sure to point out that redirects to


Beret Guy: Welcome to a meeting! I'm almost out of words, so I'll keep this short.

Beret Guy: First, a few updates. We've learned from the state police that the self-driving car project we launched by accident during this morning carpool has come to an end about 90 miles outside of town. Very exciting!

Beret Guy: Profits are up. Sales, any luck figuring out who our customers are?

Ponytail: Nope. Money keeps appearing, but we have no idea how or why.

Beret Guy: Great!

Beret Guy: Oh, and one last thing—I saw a cool red beetle in the hall. Can someone add it to the bug tracker?

[from outside panel]: Just did!

Beret Guy: Thanks!

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