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Sports Champions
For a long time, people thought maybe Usain Bolt was the one for running, until the 2090s and the incredible dominance of Derek Legs.
Title text: For a long time, people thought maybe Usain Bolt was the one for running, until the 2090s and the incredible dominance of Derek Legs.


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In an example of nominative determinism, the cartoon lists people whose surname relates to their participation in various sports. It is presented as though it was created in the far future, reflecting on sports players over the decades through to the 2080s. The first three are real sportspeople, the remainder are imaginary players of the future.

The caricatures feature people participating in their sport, except for Jebediah who is standing at a podium.

Name Year Sport Explanation
Margaret Court 1960s Tennis Margaret Court is a retired Australian tennis player, former world number 1, who won many competitions in the 1960s and 70s. A tennis court is the playing arena used in that sport.
Gary Player 1970s Golf Gary Player is a South African golfer who won nine major championships in the 1960s and 70s. Game contestants are often known as "players".
Lonzo Ball 2020s Basketball Lonzo Ball is an American professional basketball player, currently with the Los Angeles Lakers. Of course, basketball is a ball game.
Jake Halfpipe 2030s Skateboarding A half-pipe is a structure used in gravity extreme sports such as snowboarding.
Sarah Goggles 2030s Swimming Goggles are protective eyewear used in many sports, such as swimming or skiing.
Kevin Slurve 2050s Baseball A slurve is a baseball throwing technique, a portmanteau of slider and curve.
Julia Chairlift 2050s Skiing A chairlift is an aerial machine often used to transport winter sportsmen and women up mountains.
Dwight Shuttlecock 2060s Badminton A shuttlecock is a projectile used in the sport of badminton.
Brandon Sponsorship 2060s Unclear Sporting professionals are often sponsored by corporations. Brandon seems to be holding a branded sponsorship item, possibly a towel.
Kate Dopingscandal 2070s Cycling There have been many doping scandals in the world of sport, notably cyclist Lance Armstrong, and many Russian competitors in the Olympics
Jebediah Disasterous Postgame PressConference 2080s Unspecified At the end of sporting events - ie post-game - there is often a press conference where the competitors discuss the result. Sometimes, these live interviews are a disaster. Randall has chosen to spell their name as "Disasterous", rather than the more conventional "Disastrous".
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Usain Bolt and Derek Legs

2090s Sprinting From the title text, Usain Bolt is the (now retired) world record holder for the 100 meter dash and 4x100 meter relay events in Track & Field. Thus Randall considers him a solid contender for this list since he can bolt down the track. However the fictional Derek Legs ends up being an even faster sprinter and replaces Bolt on the list.


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Fun fact: Every sport eventually produces a champion competitor named after a common element of the game.

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