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Name: Allix Ryan BrunsonIf I were a door, I would be: {I must say it took quite a lot of scrolling up and down bforee I finally made my choice and you grouped them so well! The pairs that you matched together add beauty to each individual door like they're married and they complete each other! awwwww!! ok, I got side-tracked, where was I? } Door #1. My favorite color is green but because I am so in love with it, sometimes it grows so familiar and doesn't jump out at me like other colors. That shade of yellow of door #1 just made me happy and seemed to  click  with me. It's sweet but bold perfectly creamy and just enough sunshine. I also loved all the blue doors and fushia #18 but the yellow one just kept smiling at me. {And that fit me so well cause  I just like to smile; smiling's my favorite!  } Besides the fact that its slightly chipped but that's the last thing you notice because its so endearing alright, I've gone on long enough. Bottom line, I heart the doors, the idea of the contest, and the fact that a picture of Ireland is the prize cause Ireland is just way beyond spectacular so yeah.
Why would Gygax choose to play such a luck-heavy game for his life? '''[[User:Davidy22|<u><font color="purple" title="I want you">David</font><font color="green" size="3px">y</font></u><font color="indigo" size="4px">²²</font>]]'''[[User talk:Davidy22|<tt>[talk]</tt>]] 02:18, 23 February 2013 (UTC)

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Why would Gygax choose to play such a luck-heavy game for his life? Davidy²²[talk] 02:18, 23 February 2013 (UTC)

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