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{{UserBox|[[Image:No sign.svg|43px]]
{{UserBox|[[Image:No sign.svg|43px]]
|border = black
|left-bg = black
|left-bg = black
|left-bg = black
|left-bg = black

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43px This administrator can, and will, make difficult blocks if needed..

This category lists administrators who have expressed willingness to make blocks of difficult editors, or on behalf of other administrators -- for example editors who have made threats, or where a concern of harassment or other undue consequences exists, if blocked or thwarted.

Requests should be made on talk pages or in confidence, by email, to any administrators listed either here, or listed at the main list, at explain xkcd:Admins willing to make difficult blocks.


This template also automatically lists the user under Category:explain xkcd administrators willing to make difficult blocks.

If you wish to be listed in the category without using the userbox, then add the following to your user or talk page:

[[Category:explain xkcd administrators willing to make difficult blocks|{{PAGENAME}}]]
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