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My name is '''[[User:Davidy22|<u>{{Color|purple|David}}<font color=green size=3px>y</font></u><font color=indigo size=4px>²²</font>]]'''[[User talk:Davidy22|<tt>[talk]</tt>]] 01:20, 7 March 2013 (UTC)
I make custom signatures. Do you want a flashy signature like mine? Feel free to ask for one in my talk page!
:16: SUR-10000PBH+1HPN-25
:23: SUR+100000;HPN+25;GGW-.0002;PBH-2;PGW-.0001;
:02: ITR-.0005;HPN+50
:80: GGW-.0002;ITR+.001;HPN+10

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