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Greetings from Puerto Rico! I fix grammatical errors!

Ironically, I am both a furry fan AND a prude. A lot of the explainxkcd pages I add just happen to be perverted.

My favorite xkcd comic is 732: HDTV (just for the title text). My least favorite is 631: Anatomy Text (which is WAY too explicit for me and slightly sexist).

See my [Tumblr blog!]

"nothing to write about yourself? GOOD! Don't! You'll save us all the effort!" *deletes user page* - User:Lcarsos


explainxkcd pages created

471: Aversion Fads
629: Skins
751: Swimsuit Issue
134: Myspace
291: Dignified
642: Creepy
523: Decline
527: Keynote
488: Steal This Comic
363: Reset
387: Advanced Technology
178: Not Really Into Pokemon
598: Porn
662: iPhone or Droid
361: Christmas Back Home
736: Cemetery

xkcd comics that I wish were explained

230: Hamiltonian
383: Helping
461: Google Maps
569: Borders


...sticks to style.
...pays heavy attention to grammar and spelling.
...brings different horizons (Christianity, the furry lifestyle...).


...does not know what to omit in the explanations.
...has coherence problems.
...tends to sidestep innuendo.

My Unexplained Hobbies (for my records)

148: Mispronouncing
168: Reverse Euphemisms
259: Clichéd Exchanges
296: Tony Hawk
326: Effect an Effect
437: SUV
687: Dimensional Analysis

(I secretly wish that there is an explain[xkcdsw] and an explain[xkcd-could-be-better]...)

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