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I'm [[wikipedia:meta:user:waldir|User:Waldir]] on several Wikimedia projects and I've been commenting on the blog as "Waldir".
; recurring maintenance tasks:
* [[Special:UncategorizedCategories]]
* [[Special:UncategorizedFiles]]
* [[Special:UncategorizedPages]]
* [[Special:WantedCategories]]
* [[Special:DeadendPages]]
* [[Special:LonelyPages]]
* [[Special:WantedFiles]]
* [[Special:DoubleRedirects]]
* [[Special:UnusedTemplates]]
* [[Special:WantedPages]]
* convert [[Special:LinkSearch/en.wikipedia.org|wikipedia links]] to use the {{tl|w}} template.
* [{{fullurl:Special:RecentChanges|hideanons=1&hidepatrolled=1&from=20121204025000&days=365&limit=1000}} Unpatrolled changes by registered users]
* [{{fullurl:Special:RecentChanges|hideliu=1&hidepatrolled=1&from=20121204025000&days=365&limit=1000}} Unpatrolled changes by anonymous users]
; sysop one-time tasks
* Style the wiki! Example of what can be done: http://setiquest.org/wiki
* Edit text shown when someone tries to edit the main page to say that the actual comic page can be changed
* Add Menu-to-tabs gadget
* Add 6tabs gadget
; non-sysop one-time tasks
* use lowercase xkcd everywhere on the wiki (see [http://xkcd.com/about/ How do I write "xkcd"?])
* Use a single template for comic pages!
** {{tl|comic}}, {{tl|ComicHeader}}, {{tl|comicbox}}...
** The code needs to be human-readable!
* Use a local help/FAQ page and link it from the sidebar rather than mediawiki's vanilla help which isn't very friendly.
* {{tl|comic}} should add a zero-padded DEFAULTSORT
; content
* Topics to cover/mention: our [https://twitter.com/explainxkcd twitter account] the xkcd irc channel (and [http://wiki.xkcd.com its wiki]), the blag, the forum, other sites explaining xkcd ([http://xkcdexplained.com/], [http://xkcd.wikia.com], [http://xkcdexplained.wikia.com], [http://xkcdexplainedexplained.tumblr.com/archive], maybe invite members+content of the other wikis in once we're established?), etc.
* http://www.explainxkcd.com/category/wikipedia/ vs. [[:Category:Wikipedia]]
; bot edits:
* rename comic pages to "number: title" (on hold until consensus in page title format is reached)
* rename section "Description" to "Explanation"
* add {{tl|Comic discussion}} to all comic pages
* remove unused <code>imagesize=</code> parameter from {{tl|comic}} (it's on the documentation in case anyone needs it)
* add redirects from 1.png, etc, to the actual filenames
* Add links to original comics from xkcd (and hotlink to images). Also, format image pages in standard fashion (comic images, characters...)
; server-side:
* [[mw:Extension:Contribution Scores|Extension:Contribution Scores]] to gamify the wiki a little :D
* [[mw:Extension:Comments|Extension:Comments]]
* Try to get a rendered feed of Special:NewPages, instead of [http://www.explainxkcd.com/wiki/index.php?title=Special:NewPages&feed=rss]
** Maybe it would really be a good idea to move comics to a comic namespace, otherwise spam pages would crop up. Besides, even without spam, other non-comic but otherwise valid wiki pages would show too... An alternative solution is using a custom rendering engine other than mediawiki, then page title patterns could be enforced. Finally, add RSS link on sidebar.
* Related to above: a "comic" namespace would allow us to set global protection of main namespace against anonymous edits, thus hopefully cutting down on spam.

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