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 * Create a new DOM node for the current document.
 *    Basic usage:  var mySpan = newNode('span', "Hello World!")
 *    Supports attributes and event handlers*: var mySpan = newNode('span', {style:"color: red", focus: function(){alert(this)}, id:"hello"}, "World, Hello!")
 *    Also allows nesting to create trees: var myPar = newNode('p', newNode('b',{style:"color: blue"},"Hello"), mySpan)
 * *event handlers, there are some issues with IE6 not registering event handlers on some nodes that are not yet attached to the DOM,
 * it may be safer to add event handlers later manually.
function newNode(tagname){
  var node = document.createElement(tagname);
  for( var i=1;i<arguments.length;i++ ){
    if(typeof arguments[i] == 'string'){ //Text
      node.appendChild( document.createTextNode(arguments[i]) );
    }else if(typeof arguments[i] == 'object'){ 
      if(arguments[i].nodeName){ //If it is a DOM Node
      }else{ //Attributes (hopefully)
        for(var j in arguments[i]){
          if(j == 'class'){ //Classname different because...
            node.className = arguments[i][j];
          }else if(j == 'style'){ //Style is special
   = arguments[i][j];
          }else if(typeof arguments[i][j] == 'function'){ //Basic event handlers
            newNode.addEventHandler(node, j, arguments[i][j]);
            node.setAttribute(j,arguments[i][j]); //Normal attributes
  node.addEventHandler =
    function(eventName, handler)
      { newNode.addEventHandler(this, eventName, handler); };
  return node;
newNode.addEventHandler = function(node, eventName, handler)
  try{ node.addEventListener(eventName,handler,false); //W3C
  }catch(e){try{ node.attachEvent('on'+eventName,handler,"Language"); //MSIE
  }catch(e){ node['on'+eventName]=handler; }} //Legacy

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