111: Firefox and Witchcraft - The Connection?

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ThisadpaidforbythecounciltopromoteMicrosoftandChristianity. Remember, The Bible is Closed Source.


The comic shows a chart between the # of members of the pagan religion Wicca and the # of times Mozilla's web browser Firefox has been downloaded, the implication being that Firefox is related to Wicca. The page lists Internet Explorer, a rival web browser, and the cross, representing Christianity, on the bottom, implying that it is an attempt at discouraging Firefox by both Internet Explorer and a Christian source.

The title text is reminiscent of commercials, which tell you who paid for them. The last sentence is a play on the term of Closed source software, which Internet Explorer is, as oppose to Firefox, which was open source in development.

-- This type of statistical ploy is used again in a few other comics e.g Link of cancer CAUSING cell phones: http://xkcd.com/925/