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Science Fair
This poster actually inspired a two-hour powerpoint presentation that Al Gore gave around the country.
Title text: This poster actually inspired a two-hour powerpoint presentation that Al Gore gave around the country.


A science fair involves schoolchildren doing research on a subject of their choice. The purpose is to give them hands-on experience with scientific techniques. Even so, a project based on cunnilingus, oral stimulation of the female genitalia, would not likely be acceptable in a science fair, a setting that is not only public but also involving children.

Especially cute are the notations for a function, its Fourier transform, and its Laplace transform. The section titled "Challenges of frequency domain analysis" show four graphs which may be representative of Amplitude modulation (variation in the depth of licking), Frequency modulation (variation of the rate of licking), a small high frequency signal superimposed on a larger, slower one, and a periodic but non-continuous signal. These would have more complex Fourier and Laplace transforms than a simple sinusoidal licking function.

The title text is probably a reference to An Inconvenient Truth, a 94-minute documentary film where former US vice president Al Gore teaches the general public about the dangers of global warming. It has been included in science curricula in schools around the world, to the ire of easily bored students everywhere.


Although it caught me by surprise at the time, looking back I understand why my senior science fair project went over as badly as it did.
The Mathematics of Cunnilingus
f(t) F(w) L(s)
Challenges in Frequency-domain analysis

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Can I get a link to his paper? (talk) (please sign your comments with ~~~~)

You can, but it's pretty dry. 17:14, 16 March 2017 (UTC)
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I'm surprised no one has commented on the report being on pink cardboard, that has to parted in order to get to the good stuff. i.e. the information. (This I'm very first comment, so apologies if my formatting is incorrect. )