1376: Jump

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I hope I'm at least following the curve of the Earth around to land ...
Title text: I hope I'm at least following the curve of the Earth around to land ...


{{Cueball is (presumably) experiencing a common dream subject, flying or floating. As in many varieties of such a dream, the ability to fly, float or glide only gradually manifests, going from longer and longer jumps to a sort of flight or hovering. In Cueball's case, his jumps become longer and 'lighter' until at last he is gliding just above the surface of the Earth. He has apparently had such a dream before, with just such a flight mechanic manifesting itself, as he indicates that he 'loves' these dreams.

In his (presumed) dream, Cueball finally achieves his gliding flight just as he reaches the shoreline, and his gliding carries him over the water's edge and out to sea. After a moment's reflection, he indicates that he HOPES it is a dream, as if he were really gliding out to sea without any real apparent means of control, his situation would presumably be rather perilous ... death by starvation or thirst, gradually slowing down and becoming 'stuck' over the water with no way to land, the loss of his gliding ability as suddenly as it came, etc, all suggest themselves as possible perils he would now be subject to if, in fact, his 'dream' were actual reality.

The mouseover text adds a further worry not immediately apparent unless one considers the possibility that Cueball's 'gliding' is actually some sort of cessation of gravity acting upon his person, in which case he would (if his forward momentum were maintained) continue moving in a straight line while the Earth's surface would curve away beneath him, sending him out into space instead of the (relatively) preferable scenario of merely floating across the ocean to the opposite shore.}}


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Cueball is jumping in the open...

"I love these dreams... Each jump is a little longer... Each push off the ground a little softer... Until I...GLIDE"

Cueball jumps over a fence and floats in the air, over the sea

"...I hope this is a dream."