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Woot, I will cretainly put this to good use!
== Image Text ==
Your IDE's colors may vary.
In certain programming languages (at least Java and PHP, possibly others as well), inserting a double slash (//) at the beginning of a line will "comment" that line out. This causes the computer to ignore that line when running the program.
An Integrated Development Environment (IDE for short) is an application that programmers use to write, compile, execute, and debug code. Many IDEs color-code text to make reading the code easier. In IDEs like Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio, a line that is commented out will be colored green, however the color may vary depending on which IDE you use, and can usually also be customized.
In this comic, [[BlackHat]] is ignoring [[Cueball]]'s question by lifting two fingers towards him, forming a double slash. (It seems to me like [[Cueball]] at first thought that he was being flipped off, then realizes it's a different gesture).
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Woot, I will cretainly put this to good use!