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  • Here is a collection of screen shots from the dynamic comic 1608: Hoverboard representing interesting situations, that may or may not be described in the explanation.
    • It could be the messages shown in the play area (time records).
    • Special places to see something different
    • Or anything that might be interesting.

Entire play area

  • It is possible to stand on the wall under the right triangular outcrop and see all the inner walls of the play area as well as floor and ceiling. But one coin just left of the hoverboard has to be taken to get there. The first picture shows a situation just before this coin is claimed, thus showing all coins in place and the entire area visible, the next shows the situation where you stand on the wall seeing the entire play area minus one coin:

All play area hanging all coins.PNG
All play area standing minus one coin.PNG

Return to the play area

  • The flashing warning message in red letters at the bottom of the screen when you leave the play area. Here while you are standing outside the confining wall to the right of the play area:

Return to the play area.PNG

Coin collecting messages

  • In yellow text (on the black part at the bottom of the screen) your score will be displayed when you deliver the coins at the deposit (Number or coins and time used).
  • Here are screen shots of all types of messages (except the one with all coins).
    • These have all been acquired without using any cheats - so the time is valid for playing the game as originally intended.
    • In case you wonder if this is true, notice that the one who have uploaded these pictures also took the time to make the complete 1608: Hoverboard/Transcript...

0 coins

0 coins.PNG

1 coin

1 coin.PNG

2-4 coins

2 coins.PNG
4 coins.PNG

5-9 coins

5 coins.PNG
9 coins.PNG

10-16 coins

10 coins.PNG
16 coins.PNG

17 coins

  • All coins in the play area:

17 coins.PNG

18 coins

  • To get more coins you need to go outside. The fastest coin to reach to get just 1 more is the one on top of the tip of the Star Destroyer straight over the right barrier wall. It take at least 30 seconds extra to get that (Note the undefined from Internet Explorer):
18 coins.PNG

42 coins

  • Collected over looong time:
42 coins.PNG

More than 42 coins

  • Realistic time to get to 42, but counted wrong...:
45 coins.PNG

All 169 coins

  • This time (less than 25 minutes) obtained by following the directest route through all coins without taking any detours. Starting by going right to the end, then up from the kite directly to the floating rock, four full jumps off the rock to land on the tip of the Destroyer, optimized way through that, which is by far the hardest task to plan and remember to include the top coin in the torpedoes and the one below the glitch floor, almost never retracing (except when absolutely necessary), and then down to the nest at the end of the world, to go back along the ground to the play area, remembering to take the four coins around the Blockade Runner after the last of the three in the dunes. Could of course be done faster, as there where plenty of places where it was not the optimal speed, but the route is quite close to being optimal!
169 coins fastest way.PNG
  • This time obtained by following the entire route described in the complete 1608: Hoverboard/Transcript, taking the coins in that order (More than 1½ hours):
169 coins transcript way.PNG

Timing of different routes

  • Here below are some images of the message when taking different routes through the image to give an idea of the time it takes to reach different parts of the image.

Reaching all the boundaries

  • The time given in this image below (9 minutes 46 s), to just collect "all" 17 coins, was used to reach the coins and positions at the four extremes in the image.
    • Only one coin was taken inside the Play Area (you cannot avoid that)
    • The other 16 coins were taken at the four extremes and also the extreme parts of the image was reached, coin or nor coin.
      • Coin #1 was the one to the left of the terminal (the starting point for this endeavor). From there the Play Area was exited straight up out of the starting maze and then left.
      • Coin #2 was the one in the well to the left, which is the coin located at the lowest position in the game.
      • Coin #3 to #6 was the four at the left end of the world the last coin being the one furthest left in the game. Before returning right, the edge to the left with the girl was reached.
      • Coin #7 was the one on top of the floating rock island in the sky, this is the coin located at the highest position in the game.
      • Going over to the Destroyer from there and up to the bridge (taking no coins), to stop at the top of the Globe of Death to stand on the highest position in the game, and then going over the rear end of the Destroyer.
      • Coin #11-17 was the 10 in the nest at the right end of the world, one of which is the coin located at the right most position in the game. Before going back the right edge is reached.
      • From there the trip goes back to the Play Area, without taking any coins, but on the way is a stop, whereby walking under the rouge wave to walk on the lowest point in the game.
      • Finally going down to the terminal without taking any more coins, it sums up to the 17 coins, although 16 of them has been picked up in the extreme positions.
    • The trip could probably be performed slightly faster, but not much faster than 9 minutes and 30 seconds.
Reaching all extremes.PNG

All of Play Area

  • This is not screen shots per se, but they are made among other from screen shots. See full description of the images here:

1680 Play Area Full Size Images Only.png

1680 Play Area Full Size Tiles and View.png

1680 Play Area Full Size Coins Hoverboard and View.png

1680 Play Area Full Size Coins Hoverboard Tiles and View.png