1663: Garden/Images

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  • Here images for the interactive comic 1663: Garden can be posted.
  • Try to keep the naming scheme so to always include the following:
    • 1663 garden description.png


Screen shots

Garden Loading screen shot.png
Garden Lamp screen shot.png

Garden Red Lamp screen shot.png
Garden Three Lamp screen shot.png

1663 garden Megan Monolith Animals and more.png
1663 garden Fast growing tree - leafless.png
1663 garden Fast growing tree - lots of leaves.png

Saved image from xkcd

1663 garden Deer and tall gate.png 1663 garden cueball on top of platform with turtles, cacti, and offices.png


Images of items

Note: larger versions of all these pictures can be had by prepending 2x- to the filename such as 2x Woman 1a