340: Fight

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And she put sweet nothings in all my .conf files. It'll take me forever to get X working again.
Title text: And she put sweet nothings in all my .conf files. It'll take me forever to get X working again.


The boot sector of a hard drive is where the information for operating systems is stored. It tells the computer to load a program; in most cases this is an operating system. If this sector is overwritten (say, by a love letter from an angry girlfriend), an operating system stored on the drive can't be booted into.

The .conf files of Linux- and Unix-based systems are text based files where all the settings for various applications are stored. Since all the configurations were replaced with "sweet nothings" - whispered lovers' talk, or literal nothings (blank space or meaningless jumbles of characters) - none of the programs work as they should. X is the X Window System, the most common windowing system used on modern Linux and Unix systems. It's notoriously hard to configure correctly, even when starting from a known good configuration, let alone a destroyed one.


We had a fight last night.
[Cueball is sitting in a sofa, head in both hands, feeling upset.]
I guess she's still mad.
[Megan is standing with arms crossed in front of her chest, with the same mood.]
I woke up to find she'd written a sappy love note
[Cueball is standing in front of a computer, with a cup in his hand.]
to my boot sector.
[The cup now lies on the floor, Cueball is looking at the computer with disbelief.]
Computer: Operating system not found

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"Notoriously hard"[Citation needed]. /s 19:51, 26 March 2014 (UTC)BK201.

Is this still an issue with UEFI boot? as long as the EFI Partition is valid I could write whatever I wanted to my lover's boot sector. 11:04, 7 June 2018 (UTC)