778: Scheduling

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'How about a little ... *family growth*?' 'Dude, that's not until round two.'
Title text: 'How about a little ... *family growth*?' 'Dude, that's not until round two.'


This comic is a take on the common plots of pornographic movies. Hot sausage is a euphemism for penis, and the motif of a plumber is also common in porn. As in most xkcd comics, the plot is subverted and the characters end up playing Agricola (board game).

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[Pizza guy enters through door; maid is dusting.]
Pizza Guy: Pizza delivery! Did someone order a hot sausag--
Maid: Mon dieu! Monsieur is home early--
Both: Wait, who are you?
Pizza guy: Wait, this is the Jones', right? Their daughter was supposed to be having a party!
Maid: No, I thought Mr. Jones was coming home early.
[Pizza guy is off-panel left as plumber enters f..rom the right.]
Pizza guy: But I thought--
Plumber: Howdy, Mrs. Jones. I hear you need some plumbi--
Plumber: Who are you?i
[The pizza guy looks in a cabinet; the others are off-panel right.]
Maid: Sorry, big mixup.
Pizza guy: Hey, check out out--the Joneses have Agricola!
Plumber: I love that game!
[Mr. Jones and Miss Jones arrive home. Pizza guy, maid, and plumber are sitting on the floor playing Agricola.]
Mr. Jones: What in the name of ...
Pizza guy: Dammit, I wanted that grain.
Maid: Hush, you have starting player.

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What does "Hush, you have starting player" mean? Djbrasier (talk) 00:07, 6 October 2014 (UTC)

Added an explanation, but left the incomplete-tag since I'm not a native speaker, and I'm not quite sure about the grammar, but I hope it's clear now, what the explanation of "Having starting player" is. Maybe someone could just re-read my text and correct it if needed. And than remove the tag. 09:00, 23 October 2014 (UTC)

It could also be that the three of them are strippers or something, there to work, but mixed up the house they're supposed to be at; after all, "Jones" is only slightly less common than "Smith" as a last name in America.