77: Bored with the Internet

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Bored with the Internet
I used to do this all the time.
Title text: I used to do this all the time.


A character that has hair (not to be confused with Hairy) suggests to Black Hat that he is wasting his life on the internet and they should go explore the world. They appear to walk a great distance, through what appears to be a swamp or perhaps a forest in winter, across a plain, and down to a river valley. At the last panel they agree to post their journey on Livejournal, thus indicating that they can't get the Internet of their mind.

Livejournal is a website on which users can make accounts and, effectively, blog; although the site is designed around the premise that the blogs ought to be used as personal journals, with the ability to privatize the journal or only let certain friends see certain entries. Livejournal was an early social network and an early blog platform, and was a good way for people to let others know what was going on in their lives. As of 2013, Livejournal still exists; although sites like Facebook have become far more powerful and popular sites for sharing one's daily life.

Unlike in most of his appearances (especially later ones), Black Hat does not exhibit any of his signature like at "72: Classhole ".

The title text suggests that Randall similarly thinks about being on his computer while out doing other things.


[Black Hat and Hair are talking in a room with a computer on.]
Hairy: I feel like I'm wasting my life on the internet. Let's walk around the world.
Black Hat: Sounds good.
[The two men are shown walking through trees.]
[The two men are shown walking on flat stretch, with mountains in the distance.]
[The two men are shown in a magnificent canyon. They stand, silently looking at the scene.]
Hairy: And yet all I can think is, "This will make for a great LiveJournal entry."


  • Livejournal was the site where Randall presented his comics before starting xkcd.

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