Beret Guy

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Beret Guy

Beret guy, as seen in 1117: My Sky
First appearance 167: Nihilism
Known appearances 95

Beret Guy is a stick figure character in xkcd. He is distinguished by his white beret.


Beret Guy is an optimist, and sometimes a naïve one (although he is rarely a victim in the strip). He enjoys philosophizing, often taking the role of the existentialist. He has a very surreal side to him, often thinking about or being involved in bizarre situations. He is also fascinated with bakeries, scones in particular. He also is shown to take things far too literally.

Beret Guy appears to have a steady job as a bartender, shown in the comics 328: Eggs, 474: Turn-On, and 712: Single Ladies. However, in later comics, he apparently quit his job to become a "business professional", according to 1032: Networking. He also, apparently, makes a load of money off of doing this, but has no reasons other than the fact that he is "a business grown-up who makes business profits". He appears again, now with his own "real building he found" in 1293: Job Interview. In 1493: Meeting, his business returns again, this time with a name ( and an explanation, albeit an unusual one, for how it makes money ("Money keeps appearing, but we have no idea how or why."). At this time, it is still massively successful, somehow.

Beret Guy also seems to be a miracle maker, causing supernatural acts in 1099: Tuesdays, where he grows "endless wings" and in the aforementioned 1293: Job Interview, where he seems to be pouring soup from an electrical socket, as well as in 1486: Vacuum, where he misinterprets quantum physics and manages to get unlimited power from a vacuum cleaner. In 1490: Atoms, he appears to have a supernatural ability to see individual atoms (or at least the atomic make-up of items) and his mother seems to have had an unexplained amount of plutonium in her body. However, in all four of these, Beret Guy seems to not have any doubt that the events are normal; in fact, he just seems to accept them as they are without question. In Glass Half Empty, he seems to be quite oblivious to pain, especially about foreign objects sticking into his head.

To sum up, Beret Guy is a very naïve man with the strange superpower of having the world around him acting according to his naïve vision.

He shares several traits with Beriah from Men in Hats, as Black Hat does with Aram from the same series, but in contrast to the latter, this doesn't appear to have been officially acknowledged.