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Cueball is a stick figure character in xkcd, distinguished from other characters by having no distinguishing features (including no hair or hat). Unlike several other xkcd characters, Cueball doesn't represent the same character from comic to comic, and is not a unique character in any given strip. Instead, he represents a generic everyman.

Thus in several comics there two or more such stick figures, any of whom could be called Cueball. This category lists comics where this occurs. (It is certainly not a complete list yet!)

In most of these, one of the Cueballs is clearly the protagonist of the comic, and he will thus be called Cueball in the explanation out of convenience.

Although Megan is similarly an every woman, there is so far not really any need for her to have a Multiple Megan category. So far only a few comics have been noted on the Megan page as having more than one Megan, and only in 1496: Art Project have there been a serious debate as to which one should represent her...

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