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"My Hobby" is a series of xkcd comic strips in which Randall suggests (presumably fictional) hobbies he has. The hobbies tend to be clever or smart-aleck things to do. They do not always fall under the type of activity that would generally be described as a "hobby", but often are merely things Randall (or Cueball) does when certain situations arise. "My Hobby" comics are not presented regularly, but there have been a number such strips throughout the course of xkcd.

There is a clear relation to the much smaller collection of Pet Peeves.

See also Protip and Fun fact.

Randall's hobbies are many, and there have usually been regular returns to them, but after the February 6th 2017 comic, 1795: All You Can Eat, it took 165 comics and more than a year before the series returned with 1960: Code Golf, on 26th February 2018. This may also be related to the fun fact that the previous comic was from the Fun fact series, and was the second of those released in that same month, after several years without one. See more on the page for Fun fact.