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Pokémon is a video game series which intense popularity caused the franchise to expand to a cartoon, comic, and trading card game series, among other things. In the core game series, the protagonist has to go out into the world to catch creatures (eponymously called "Pokémon") of an intense variety (some based on dogs, other based on ice cream cones, to give two examples), each with their own variety of elemental abilities. Other trainers (whether against an in-game or real-life trainer) battle each other with these creatures. In fact, the main goal of the protagonist is to obtain every Pokémon in order to fill his electronic encyclopedia (a "Pokédex") with entries of every Pokémon and battle 8 super-trainers ("Gym Leaders") in order to obtain the privilege to battle the "Elite 4" and the "Champion", these being ultra-trainers, in order to be the new Champion. Even so, the protagonist would have to defeat a criminal team (whose intentions vary between the "generations" of the games) along the protagonist's quest.