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The Norwegian adaptation of The Sword in the Stone takes things in a weird direction.
Title text: The Norwegian adaptation of The Sword in the Stone takes things in a weird direction.


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A glacier is a wall of dense ice. Though glaciers tend to appear still, they are actually slowly moving, at a rate of around 25 cm (10 in) per day.

Beret Guy and another person wearing a knit cap are facing a glacier more than twice their height. The person wearing a knit cap remarks that glaciers are amazing, mentioning the fact that though we can't see it, the ice is slowly advancing. After considering this, Beret Guy leaves, before returning with two sabres and a hairdryer. He uses the hairdryer to melt a part of the glacier, which he then attaches a saber to. After he attaches the saber to the glacier, he then takes a defensive position. The joke in this comic is a pun on the word "advancing". In the original context, the glacier is "advancing" or moving forward slowly. However, Beret Guy uses the fencing term "advance", which is a basic forward movement.

The title text refers to The Sword in the Stone, a famous sword in the legends of King Arthur, and the fact that 1% of mainland Norway is covered with glaciers (but 60% of the Svalbard archipelago, also a part of Norway).


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[A person wearing a knit cap and Beret Guy are standing to the left of a glacier.]
Knit cap person: Glaciers are so neat. You can't see it, but this ice is slowly advancing.
[Zoom in on Beret Guy, who has his hand to his mouth, thinking.]
[Zoomed in, Beret Guy exits to the left of the panel.]
[Beret Guy enters the panel from the left, carrying two fencing sabres.]
[Beret Guy uses a blow dryer to attach one of the sabres to the glacier.]
[Beret Guy is holding the blow dryer and looks at the sabre that is attached to the glacier.]
[Beret Guy stands in a defensive position with sabre in hand, ready to defend against the "advancing" glacier.]


The author of The Sword in the Stone, T. H. White, was mentioned two comics ago in 2162: Literary Opinions.

The hairdryer has no cord, which is currently not a type of hairdryer available.

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